My wife and I built a bookcase over the weekend. Three of them, with a wine bar sandwiched in the middle for cocktail mixing. Lots of furniture porn happening in the portent these days. My graphic novels and cookbooks have a home. Come over.

Life in my twenties was about me. Developing and going deeper on my own interests. Gaining expert level status in things I was already good at: cooking, backpacking, writing, gardening. Rather than take myself up on a new challenge, I started projects by asking: “What am I into?”

Then 30 hit. Same game, different angle. Now I’m hungry and seeking to be stupid. Relish the experiment and explore foreign worlds. Learn about surfing and Spanish history and how the Thai make Thai food. To use another food analogy, I’m more open to ordering the dish that no one wants because it’s weird and new and the old me would never do it. Try new flavors. Meet new people. Join a roller derby. Join an improv group. Take more acroyoga classes. Start a magazine. Fail, fail, fail a lot. 

Grow grow grow!

If you want to get hit by lightning. So you have to wander around for a long time in the rain.

– Ira Glass, Reddit AMA

Went back with Jeremy seven years later. Saw them in 2006 with him at El Rey. Still manage to bring the rainbow dance troupe into my brain sphere.

if you told me I’d find a plus one
who speaks three languages
carries altruism in her genes
a woman who rocks the hawk at synagogue
I’d say that doesn’t exist

the best times are mornings
eight hours have passed since I saw you
now I have the privilege
to watch you smile without waking up

it takes a big person with a giant heart
to make a man like me
feel small in your arms
you let the love sneak in like water
I drink up and breathe you in

two years – our hearts
wound up like twine,
aged like wine
this ride we’re on
it only gets better

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