clam chowder takes prize:the tale of the sad commuter

i’m officially jetlagged. its not pretty. staying up, watching crocodile dundee I and watching joe’s roomate play madden (i was never into sports games, just WWII shooters) fill my nights till 4 am. Youtube, another killer filler.

It’s taking a couple of days for the brain to fully register and characterize the term “new england”. first of all, i think that that term is not slightly off base. why? one, bostonians don’t have terrible teeth. two, bostonites eat foods other than fried fish and chips. what does resemble my stay in London is the bleak, dark synergy flowing through this segregated, formerly inundated, revolutionary dated town. theres a sad feeling in this town, the citizens searching for pleasure, laughter, and signs of happiness with a slight guilty conscience, glancing at the sounds of smiles abashedly. my hood is about 40 minutes from downtown, so ive been training it a bunch to and fro, sadly, without the fro. i think im gonna get another haircut tomorrow.

clam chowder here is something else. then again, i cant say that im a chowder expert. i wonder if someone has that job. chowder tester. a chowder evaluator. a chowder chowder. crab legs though, do not have my endorsement. i do not vouch for crab legs. you hear me?

its funny how traveling forces you to ponder things you havent thought about or touched, or to analyze and understand trains of thought from new perspectives. i picked up a book, cradle to cradle, today at borders with my gift certificate. i also tried ben and jerrys ice cream today on newbury street. 8 different flavors. man was the parlor girl nice. anyways. sustainability. ecology. i think ive found my calling [for this week]. no, seriously, for the first time i’ve found something i want, am excited, and willing to sit through, years of professional study. i want to build summer camps that teach kids to think green, to figure out a better marketing strategy for sustainability, fair trade, and using less; i want to discover small changes that produce long lasting change; i want to travel and study and speak and learn and do it all over again.

im moving to the desert.


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

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