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A news update on popurls, (a comprehensive article/video/news feeder site that really kicks ass at its job), caught my eye on Tuesday. So Iran holds a Holocaust revisionist conference, so what? Should anyone really be afraid of a bunch of Nazi sympathizers and psychotic leaders smoking hookah in a big anti-Semitic circle jerk in Tehran? I heard Benyamin Netanyahu preach at the GA last month, dishing the hypnotic mantra, “It’s 1938. Iran is the new Germany.” Repeat. Wait for applause from 65 year old Jewish community leaders. Repeat 2x.

What keeps my dreams ‘Iranian Nuclear Threat Free’ are the two armies who have a vested interest in staying alive. The US Marines has at its disposal about 180,000 troops; the Navy has between 8-11 aircraft carriers floating around the world at all times. Even taking the conflict in Iraq into account, that’s still a helluva lot of soldiers and military power the US keeps at bay. Israel has preemptively struck a nuclear reactor before, and it’d literally be suicide to subordinate national security save political face. (As if Israel had any political face to begin with)

But perhaps it is time. I won’t believe IT IS, because that’s been said before and led to some troubling results. Numberswise, Iran is on its way to rearmament, with roughly 665,000 conscripted soldiers. Anyone watching the news in the past 4 years would also agree that “strategic” carpet bombing doesn’t work. It would take lots of force, or just one big bomb. So why not go in? Maybe we’re waiting in Baghdad and Basra, trying to act as a deterrent. But things get more complicated when the ruling dictator who’s sitting on a potential hill of atomic bombs, able to hold anti-Jewish conferences, is waiting for impending destruction and calamity.
Muhammad al-Mahdi, better known in the Koran as the 12th Imam, is allegedly supposed to reappear when it gets really bad and bring salvation to the world. And by salvation I mean Islam everywhere. Cool. How is all this connected? Before you say conspiracy theory, look up al-Sadr, leader of the Iraq ‘revolt.’ He fights for the Madhi Army team!!!

It’s like the Islamic Armageddon, only the bad guys might have nuclear bombs instead of Nerf guns. And what’s better? The first article I linked to mentions Saudi Arabia, who according to Nawaf Obaid, a national security adviser to the Saudi embassy, said that the Kingdom of Arabia would support the Iraqi Sunnis (the Iranians are Shi’a) once the US pulls out.

He apparently was fired a week later, and Saud has rescinded his remarks.

Just like Patrick Swayze, as Dalton the bouncer, says in Road House: It’ll get worse before it gets better.

Anothe reason to move to the desert!


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