apples ‘n apples

new york is new york, and i feel like a kid in a candy store. brooklyn, in retrospect, feels like the calabasas of LA: mellow, rich, lo-key, lots of families. ive moved spots to somewhere called the upper west side, home to lots of jews and flanked by a really big ass forest park, which makes me happy.

uwsthis city is pumping, alive, reminding me of tel-aviv, with more christmas lights and fewer savage drivers. i went shopping today with ariella, my host and neighbor from the encino hood, (we made a seared blackened pepper ahi tuna salad which rocked my intestinal world) and had to stop and soak it all in: jews light a huge menorah (what is it with this jewish necessity to light huge public candelabras?) a father and his pimply son leave circuit city with matching new computers, bars open up to that city smell, a man in a black suit wrapped in a tweed scarf leans over to his date, her mouth connected to the bottom portion of her cell-phone at ‘i violini’, he begs for attention and when that fails, leans back and smiles in resignation. and the movement. the movement of everything, towards everything.

it’s hard not to feel cool in new york. i don’t understand it. the city, the atmosphere, the attitude, the history, it just seeps into my skin , and i absorb it like tomato paste in a pot of white basmati rice.

so i got quasi confirmation yesterday about the desert permaculture program at the arava institute, in the negev desert of israel. so strange, how close this voyage is starting to follow the story of the alchemist. santiago, my young shepherd, following the omens and letting the camel take him, always landing in the right place. i guess it all depends on outlook. i’m convinced i have some sort of ADD. thats why im not a fan of road trips, long plane flights, routine, asparagus (because they’re weird looking and lets not forget to mention the effect on pee-pee scent), and long term commitment. but that’s all changing. i feel activated, for the first time in a long time, perhaps since college, to do something and devote years of my life towards a goal. thinking strategically about our effect on the earth and how better to handle it is just cool, exciting, creative, and needed. thats how i can contribute. and i met someone, who though knowing her for a collective 72 hours or less (probably less) i remain intrigued, fascinated at what could develop. i firmly believe in affinity. it’s a great word, and in my young age, a suitable substitute for ‘love,’ a concept i’ve still yet to understand. i imagine its somehow related to selflessness and sacrifice, but since i haven’t had to make those calls, i’m not fully sure. but interested. definitely interested.

life is good. go eat some cookies.


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

2 thoughts on “apples ‘n apples”

  1. Do you have the cookies? Did you eat the cookies? Haha.

    Asparagus — well done.

    Maybe it’s not ADD, but just boredom. It’s common with INTP (although you’re more an ESFP, but still) to get interested in something just long enough to understand it. Once it’s understood, we move on.

    Explains why we get bored with the people we date, the career paths we embark on, or our current flavor/interest/passion of the month — they become intellectual puzzles that, once solved, are jettisoned.

  2. Yep.

    I’m sorta still in that. wavering between showing someone, or something my attention long enough to GET IT, but staying there so as not to appear like a a juvenile, sugar sipping prick.

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