Lower East Side – Latter Day Saints

Walked from 81st to 34th. Apparently this is a lot for New Yorkers.

Ground Zero, a big gaping hole in the heart of financial district, the city, massive reconstruction

Sushi with a friend from 8th grade, phone call to SB, trapped in a mall, lost in the subway system

les “Is this the way to the Lower East Side?” “No. You’re in Tripeca” “What the hell is Tripeca?” “Go East, man, head in that direction.” And later, “Which way is East? You from New York?” Yes. “Are you sure that’s East?”

I stop in a kosher bakery, finally here. 3 Hungarian seniors, females, keep checking me out. Who is this guy with the funny red ear flap hat and the blue bottle, and why is he drawing us? In the corner, right next to me sit 5 older men speaking Yiddish, rapping Yiddish, yelling at eachother in Yiddish. It’s like a jewish poker game, but you have to be grouchy, drinking only ONE cup of coffee and over 76 to play. I ask them what they’re talking about, what is keeping them so wrapped up in conversation, and get no response. Okay. Moving on.

Synagogue searching in the LES. 45 minutes and no culture to show for it. Not even a knish. All I see: dim sum, noodles, fake Gucci purse vendors, electronic stores, and Monsoon, a hot Vietnamese restuarant. The Jewish centre? More like Big China…land.

Squished like a sardine in the subway going uptown, sidetown, diagonaltown. “Stop pushing me” the overzealous possibly drunk woman in a sari yells at me. “I’m not…They’re pushing me…It’s my first day in New York I’m from California I know I probably taste good but please don’t eat me I haven’t seen Mount Rushmore yet.”


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

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