geshem geshem~hailing with hail in israel

wow wow weewah! i sit on my aunts minimalist yet still plush burgundy couch gypsy kings in my ear, hail outside watching an arabic film about corrupt politicians, everyone looks like saddam hussein (before he was hanged) shabbat has just started, life is beautiful among the grape leaves a drive to tel aviv to pick up hungarian cakes soon soon i build an entirely green city with my cousin’s simcity 4.0

where to start? bear with me. days separated by //

//slept about 40 minutes maximum on the flight over to ben gurion airport, sat next to ariel beery, sperjewblogger, researched green design companies from wired magazine, took notes for future job reference


// it’s raining. bussed to kiryat shemona and kfar gileadi, which are about 8 Km from the lebanon border, then starts the hail // paint bomb shelters with crew, lots of trippy mushrooms, stencils get discarded pretty quickly / b-ball with the kids, a 3 vs. 8 with one feminine looking kid named michael, nicknamed the “egoist” / security guard at nursery/elementary school metula, border town, insists on showing a group of us from where the katushya rockets fell. he takes us to playground, points across gates at hills about a mile away: “here is hizbollah. see? that’s the hizbollah base. the rockets fell here, and here, and they shot at us here. these are the bulletholes.”


rats in the shelter, by shabot robot will

/ I ask the residents: ” what else could we do to help you in metula?” “your presence here is not something to be overlooked.” a broken woman in her mid forties responds. // i make friends with our security guard, evgeny, 23 year old guy who fought in special forces, spent 3 months in an ashram in india, doesn’t talk much but when he does he speaks truth! // more bomb shelter work: butterflies, camels and caravans, sunsets, genies, turtles, mario, animals from noah’s ark, more mushrooms // self discovery :: i am allergic to gluten. it gives me gas and hurts my stomach. // shabot39 volunteers saw down burnt trees, make room for clearing in park naftali / mahpach: social activists practice intentional community building in kiryat shemona. young adults, anticapitalists working around gov’t bueacracy to help citizens. i’m gonna look into volunteering for them in a few weeks / festival with hadag nachash, marissa, dancing, almost making it on stage, can’t find a drum, sleep for 4 hours // bus ride back, trains to here, to there, to herzliya, now it rains it rains it rains and i prepare / i got accepted into the green apprenticeship program, yay! its beautiful here. gray light and white thunder, falafel traffic, arabic videos, plans plans plans. patience is a virtue.

thanks for pics shabot


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

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