mystical cities and assholes

went on a short adventure to tzfat with will and lindsay, bussing down and spending the day visiting kabbalastic painters, who manage to somewhow sell mystical inspired contemporary artwork, had great shawarma in a lafa, sipped coke for the first time in months and had that familair sugar rush you hate but love, and got involved in a drum circle with a hasid named yaniv who builds jewish temple-era instruments.tzfat

tzfat is an eerie city. birthplace of kabbalah, home to many gravesites, hippie travellers, failed artists…but it’s great, intense, quiet at night, wringing this strange powerful aura of fervent, roots judaism that is truly intoxicating and dangerous dangerous. time stops in tzfat. when you’re there, it’s like nothing else matters besides you and your personal connection with god, which according to the kabbalists i met while there, is something we’ll never understand. and they left it at that. its all one and the same.

this place, this country, im beginning to understand fairly quickly, is so damn abrasive and pushy to an extent i’ve never experienced. new yorkers don’t bullshit; they tell it like it is and are going places, but they’re not assholes about it. it’s like everyone in israel is trying to get somewhere, trying to do something (even if it’s just sitting down drinking coffee with a friend, like true semites), and will beat anyone down in their way, whether or notthe innocent bystander is in their way. driving here is insane. my cousin ohad was explaining how patients in ambulances with life-threatening injuries don’t make it to hospitals because israelis don’t show right of way. maybe they should write AMBULANCE on the front and have flashing red lights on top. it’s really retarded.

the club last night was difficult to. chess bar was, i’m guessing, built originally by a moron, and went no further reconstruction. it’s narrow as hell, the bathrooms are in the back (i’ve never been in a place where the guys check themselves out longer than the girls) and more packed than the upper west side subway at rush hour. i accept it for what it is, but it’s kinda frustrating, mostly annoying.

the friday nights here are what i enjoy most, tho. everything shuts down and the entire country, if it were possible, breathes out all the panic and competition during the week for just a few hours.

then it starts again on sunday!


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