it’s getting to me

a few things i should mention

– i have whiplash. i really messed up my neck grabbing the rim playing basketball. im dizzy, i cant turn my head, i have headaches, my head hurts, its inflamed. i am in pain. thus i want painkillers. if you have any, please send them to herzliya.

-my aunts house got broken into last night. the thieves didnt take anything but some cash, and oh yeah, my 3 month old macbook laptop. a pretty penny. i had tons of pictures and videos, music…gone. it hasnt really sunk in yet due to the neck stress, which has begun to affect my concentration.

-i also have diareahh. i like spelling diareahh, d-i-a-r-e-a-h-h.

the israeli lifestyle, the arrogant threads of culture,  the harsh tones of everyday life have (stolen computer aside) have somehow dropped anchor in my head this week. i’ve always been fascinated with israel, conjured up this fantasy world of fun and action and art and aggresiveness and culture. its taken me about 8 weeks to come full circle and take off those naive lenses i brought along with me.

its rare, VERY rare, for me to find someone living in this country who is genuinely happy.  life here, and this might follow or go against many preconceptions (depending on whether you have family here or at the other end of the spectrum, donate heavily to your local jewish federation) is insanely difficult. everything here is a struggle, a sippur, a balagan – from ordering falafel to fake ice cream at mcdonalds to fighting for your place in line to dealing with traffic jams. america is a dream. its easy to understand why most israelis here say to me, “you left california for here? go back?” maybe los angeles does lack in action and synergy, but id rather take a mellow, easier going atmosphere over anything.

its exhausting. it really is. my neck hurts. even more now.  this miconception, preconception i had of this country, the people, the lifestyle, and how quickly it has shattered and beginning to crumble…its also very tough to deal with, and not assuaging my feelings of homesickness to a great extent. i dont necessarily miss home, or ameneties, or certain types of food. i just miss how easy everything is. that might sound spoiled, so ill have to rephrase that, even at the risk of sounding grotesquely ethno-centric : i miss how NORMAL and logical everything is.. watching people yell at eachother on the street or fight for who gets salad first is a novelty at first, but over time, it just doesnt make sense to me. why not be patient? be courteous? be friendly? doesnt that yield a better result? what the hell is going on here?

luckily im heading down to the desert, where life promises to be slower. my type of israel. my type of party.

hope you’re all feeling good. thanks for reading this blog.


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4 thoughts on “it’s getting to me”

  1. I’m so sorry you lost your laptop! Oy…people can be harsh.

    Aaron, don’t judge Israel and Israelis from the contexts in which you’ve operated. As you’ve seen, Israelis are a varied lot. Comedy shows proliferate on television, and many people are genuinely happy. Life isn’t hard for everyone. For some, especially those on the coast for some reason, life is tough–and I have my guesses as to why. But I’ve found that in many corners and areas, and in Jerusalem for me, life is much easier and lighter–and the love of the land permeates life.

    Chazak V’Ematz–and tell me if I can help.

  2. mmmmmmmmm….many israelis are anti the sentiment im describing, but still operate in it. operating is such a military word, so its cool. how many people fight to get an audience seat for eretz nehederet? come on beet boy. look at the big picture.

    love of the land sounds just right for me right now…

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