how do you say codeine in hebrew?

body“and when ya can’t find an opiate, ya use an analgesic!” so the saying goes around here.

but seriously. my neck is starting to feel better. and the diahrea has subsided to untraceable levels. and that, my friends, has made my hosts feel better.

about the laptop, i didn’t even have enough time to get to know the thing. we only went for a few months, hooked up a few times, i always ended up paying, and she never said thank you. then she runs off with another guy, like the whore that everyone looks for when the club closes with that not-so-discreet eye. come on. you know what im talking about. you’re single, dry for three weeks…even the russian bouncer starts to look attractive.

this state of semi paralysis has led me to a number of things though, that I’ll share:

-practicing brazilian jujistu holds on my 14 year old cousin

-looking for environmental design and sales jobs in someplace outside of Los Angeles

-couting the number of buttons on the keyboard (58 on this one)

-playing company on heroes on my cousins computer (amazing wwII strategy game), getting in touch with my inner [and outer] nerd.



-creating sarcastic, often counterfeit ‘things i’ve been up to lately’ lists and posting them on the internet

-drafting business plans, reading rich dad poor dad, not responding to emails, planning for world apocalpse. pretty usual stuff. and making amazing bagel sandwiches. nobody fucks with my bagels.  not even mister diahrea!


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

2 thoughts on “how do you say codeine in hebrew?”

  1. Ciao Aaron!!!!
    Hai cambiato l’indirizzo del tuo blog e non mi hai avvisato, io avevo il tuo vecchio indirizzo.
    Come Stai? La “gita” nel deserto è iniziata?
    E’ da tanto che non ci vediamo, io mi laureo alla fine di marzo, perchè non fai un salto in Italia? Lo sai che la porta è sempre aperta per te.

    un abbraccio Paesà!

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