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Today I built a table. Yigal, (the roommate who suffered from heat exhaustion) found a bunch of scrap wood. The wood turned out to be pine, and once you sand and buff it with olive oil, it smells feels tastes looks very very nice.

Yesterday, Ashley and I played with rocks and created a sick border for a sheet mulch garden / raised bed right in front of our house. It’s gonna give our garden a terraced look.

Here’s the fixed link for Julia’s blog…She’s got great photos and updates often. You’ll get a first hand look at the permaculture work we’re up to here at the green apprenticeship. Also added her to the blogroll as a permanent link.

Okay. Aaron is tired. And needs to eat. [As usual] >:)


life in hashemite (kingdom)

So i promised a post about my trip in Jordan, so here goes everything, and nothing, 20 minutes before another kibbutz dinner of cucumbers, tomatoes, and goat cheese.  second things second, i feel compelled to apologize for the sudden deterioration of my writing since I arrived at the kibbutz. My theory, though yet unproven, is that it has something to do with a search for a middle vernacular around here; hebrew because I’m not fluent, english because i like speaking with israelites, and sometimes hebrew just fails.

there were four of us. healey, marc, julia, and the eskimo. we set out for eilat to change money, and crossed the border quite easily and made it into aqaba. our taxi driver tried to convince us that aqaba would be entirely sold out and wanted to drive us to petra immediately. he tried and tried, literally during the 20 minute ride into the city. scamming and negotiating, bargaining and haggling is a central vertebrae in every jordanians spine. you can bargain over water, taxis, hotels, gas, restaurant food..everything except entrance into petra.

jordanians are nice. very nice. nicer than israelites, generally. i pointed at a boys falafel to get directions, and without flinching he presented it to me so i could grab a bite. thanks, but no thanks, kiddo. a group of rich kids from amman, capital of jordan, starting filming and interviewing us near the falafel stand, and from there adventure began. they made us call their mothers, view pictures of themselves on their hi tech mobiles, and insisted we dont pay for anything. they were nice, and one of them beat me in an arm wrestling match.

wrestling the hashemite

the next morning we bussed it to petra. i didnt sleep much the night before, so it was nice to play catch up against the jordanian west mountain valley.  its odd, and very cool, to go 1/2 hour east and end up in an entirely different culture.something we miss in america. (canada isnt a real country)

petra kicks ass. we got a 2 day pass and it wasnt enough. its ancient passageways that lead to the main siq, are full of chinese tourists, brits, jordanians, and us. donkey carts an camels make runs transporting tired, elderly, heavy, or rich travellers. the great beauty in petra lies off the beaten really is up to you to discover the essence, and you’ll only find it if you go where others don’t, where its a little more uncomfortable, but in the end worth. props to marc for keeping me forward.

then it was back to work at lotan. today we played with poop. tomorrow? who knows. for more pictures, check out julia’s blog!


what its like..

It’s cold. Winter is allegedly ending tonight, bringing promise of 100 degree weather till May. Kick ass.  To counteract the heat we’re starting our day a half hour earlier, to 6:00 for Chi Kong.  It’s like Tai Chi, but involves more stretching. My body is getting used to this idea of waking up with the sun. The sleeping game is a different story…Our salon is a room built with straw bales and mud.  I found an old red Halloween hat and affixed it to the energy efficient light on top, which generates less heat. It’s pretty sweet and the room, or should I say, womb, (ha!) is quite popular.  It feels like a hostel, with a lot of people traffic in and out.

We started permaculture last week. It’s gold. I knew a bit about Bill Mollison and some of his guild techniques, but now getting into the principles that encompass this theory. Theory, lifestyles, perspective, paradigm…Permaculture is everything, and nothing. It’s disorder among order, it’s order among disorder. A no waste, super efficient, eco friendly, holistic way of behavior, methods, goals, life, and all processes.

My parents are curious as to what exactly I’m doing here. Seed balls, irrigation, no till farming, compost, birdwatching, eco design, soil analysis, clay, carbon and nitrogen, vermicompost and why worms kick ass, plants plants and plants, mud structures, mud building, mud mixing…the list goes on, and we’re not even halfway yet. But it’s bigger than that. It’s like stumbling through a jungle, lost and without water and discovering an entirely new world of self-sufficiency, greendom, and healthiness rushing through everything. 

I think I’ve found what I’ve been seeking. Or maybe what I’m seeking has found me.  A true Gemini, whose interests and passions come and go faster than a train in Germany, it’s nice to finally get attached, but not obsessed, with something and stick to it.  My friend here, Healey, yeah, she said the same thing today.  It’s like that.

Oh and I went to Jordan last week, saw Petra, ancient city… Probably more well known as the set of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I saw the temple where they got the Grail.  I went in.  I have the Holy Grail.

return of the [eco freako] gangster

Photobucket - Video and Image Hostinghappy purim peoples! purim is a persian jewish holiday that celebrates the time, about 2300 years ago, when a bunch of bad guys tried to kill all the jews in the known world, we killed them instead, and then we ate a lot. its the same formula. rinse and repeat.

i have a mohawk now. its won crowds and the hearts of my fellow green apprenticeship members, and so i think its staying for the time being. i’ve wanted natty dreads for some time now, but looking like an algonquin (or like the unfriendly indian warrior from dances with wolves) will have to suffice. for now. not only a wicked fashion statement, its also beats the heat, which in the past three days has reached over 90 degrees. its supposed to get worse.

my roomate, also featured in this post, has recovered from heat exhaustion, but the numbers of those dropping has remained steady of about 1 person per week.
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this permaculture shit is awesome. It feels like hi-tech biology class, only with more toys, peoples, and technical science. we got our books today, and its so gratifying to be part of something so valuable, necessary, and treated so seriously by our staff. and the word staff also seems inapproriate…4 are escapees from england or the US, assisted by yisrael, our technical israeli guru & walking horticulture encyclopedia. this course, itsnt really a course…im begining to see it more as some sort of passing or transfer of information from one group to another. its there if you want it, and they’re there if youre hungry for further information. my brain is swelled with facts about compost, sheet mulch gardening, companion planting, and soil fertility. i feel like a boy entering an ecological much to see, and so little time to do it. only here i wanna figure out how all the rides work, and here the owners teach you to build your own at home. the science and technology behind everything is simply….enormous…i’m really happy here, and happy i got here.

i think kids who grown up on on kibbutzim are programmed to hug all the time. its nice. thats all. they’ll hug me even when dressed as a samurai. (with mohawk)

okay. the dust allergies have usurped all control of my typing faculties. cottage cheese and salad for dinner awaits. till next time…

would love to know if you’re curious about anything, the kibbutz, permaculture, the program…