return of the [eco freako] gangster

Photobucket - Video and Image Hostinghappy purim peoples! purim is a persian jewish holiday that celebrates the time, about 2300 years ago, when a bunch of bad guys tried to kill all the jews in the known world, we killed them instead, and then we ate a lot. its the same formula. rinse and repeat.

i have a mohawk now. its won crowds and the hearts of my fellow green apprenticeship members, and so i think its staying for the time being. i’ve wanted natty dreads for some time now, but looking like an algonquin (or like the unfriendly indian warrior from dances with wolves) will have to suffice. for now. not only a wicked fashion statement, its also beats the heat, which in the past three days has reached over 90 degrees. its supposed to get worse.

my roomate, also featured in this post, has recovered from heat exhaustion, but the numbers of those dropping has remained steady of about 1 person per week.
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this permaculture shit is awesome. It feels like hi-tech biology class, only with more toys, peoples, and technical science. we got our books today, and its so gratifying to be part of something so valuable, necessary, and treated so seriously by our staff. and the word staff also seems inapproriate…4 are escapees from england or the US, assisted by yisrael, our technical israeli guru & walking horticulture encyclopedia. this course, itsnt really a course…im begining to see it more as some sort of passing or transfer of information from one group to another. its there if you want it, and they’re there if youre hungry for further information. my brain is swelled with facts about compost, sheet mulch gardening, companion planting, and soil fertility. i feel like a boy entering an ecological much to see, and so little time to do it. only here i wanna figure out how all the rides work, and here the owners teach you to build your own at home. the science and technology behind everything is simply….enormous…i’m really happy here, and happy i got here.

i think kids who grown up on on kibbutzim are programmed to hug all the time. its nice. thats all. they’ll hug me even when dressed as a samurai. (with mohawk)

okay. the dust allergies have usurped all control of my typing faculties. cottage cheese and salad for dinner awaits. till next time…

would love to know if you’re curious about anything, the kibbutz, permaculture, the program…


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7 thoughts on “return of the [eco freako] gangster”

  1. Really cool Aaron. I’ve been reading the wikipedia entry on permaculture and it looks sweet. It talks about a woodland being much more productive that a wheat field. The idea was invented by some Australians, and I wonder how many cues they took from aboriginal life there.
    Aboriginals used to selectively burn forested areas as they were not so productive. The resulting woodlands would have lots of fresh growth that wildlife would take advantage of, and so would the native people. Of course they were nomadic, but were qued into all of natures “patterns” and would move back and fourth between regions.

    How many of the permaculture methods could be applied to something like this:

  2. i dig the hawk!! i told you you’d look good with a shaved head.

    i have a new blog entry. czech it out. bunzer’s back. good to have him back. will be good to finally talk to you, too.


  3. chad

    youre spot on. its a theory, a perspective, able to applied to every aspect of life and behavior. i checked out victory idea, but its not sustainable because of $$$. you dont even need all that equipment to run a small garden.

    you can do containers, windowsills, raised bed gardens. its so easy..

  4. edahn!

    thanks for the tip on he haircut! even if i look like a tool, i still feel cool, temp wise…the blog is long. chapter one of the book, right? be back in 7 weeks. call me on the cell. i learned a lot more. love you.

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