life in hashemite (kingdom)

So i promised a post about my trip in Jordan, so here goes everything, and nothing, 20 minutes before another kibbutz dinner of cucumbers, tomatoes, and goat cheese.  second things second, i feel compelled to apologize for the sudden deterioration of my writing since I arrived at the kibbutz. My theory, though yet unproven, is that it has something to do with a search for a middle vernacular around here; hebrew because I’m not fluent, english because i like speaking with israelites, and sometimes hebrew just fails.

there were four of us. healey, marc, julia, and the eskimo. we set out for eilat to change money, and crossed the border quite easily and made it into aqaba. our taxi driver tried to convince us that aqaba would be entirely sold out and wanted to drive us to petra immediately. he tried and tried, literally during the 20 minute ride into the city. scamming and negotiating, bargaining and haggling is a central vertebrae in every jordanians spine. you can bargain over water, taxis, hotels, gas, restaurant food..everything except entrance into petra.

jordanians are nice. very nice. nicer than israelites, generally. i pointed at a boys falafel to get directions, and without flinching he presented it to me so i could grab a bite. thanks, but no thanks, kiddo. a group of rich kids from amman, capital of jordan, starting filming and interviewing us near the falafel stand, and from there adventure began. they made us call their mothers, view pictures of themselves on their hi tech mobiles, and insisted we dont pay for anything. they were nice, and one of them beat me in an arm wrestling match.

wrestling the hashemite

the next morning we bussed it to petra. i didnt sleep much the night before, so it was nice to play catch up against the jordanian west mountain valley.  its odd, and very cool, to go 1/2 hour east and end up in an entirely different culture.something we miss in america. (canada isnt a real country)

petra kicks ass. we got a 2 day pass and it wasnt enough. its ancient passageways that lead to the main siq, are full of chinese tourists, brits, jordanians, and us. donkey carts an camels make runs transporting tired, elderly, heavy, or rich travellers. the great beauty in petra lies off the beaten really is up to you to discover the essence, and you’ll only find it if you go where others don’t, where its a little more uncomfortable, but in the end worth. props to marc for keeping me forward.

then it was back to work at lotan. today we played with poop. tomorrow? who knows. for more pictures, check out julia’s blog!



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2 thoughts on “life in hashemite (kingdom)”

  1. Yo, A. There is a chance I am coming back to Israel for ROI #2. Going to Argentina to check out the Jewish community for Passover for ten days. I will learn how to tango, yes! Working on the movie, spent a fun week out in LA with the stars. Had a photoshoot. Ate real chinese food last nite, and I discovered I don’t really like real chinese food. But what is real anyway? Got another job offer. Been boxing a lot. Best friend got married and I made a speech about soulmates. Such a Rabbi.

    I trust you are enjoying the Holyland….

    Miss you,
    – L 🙂

  2. Of course you’re coming back to Israel!

    ROI #2? You mean they’re going to throw down millions of dollars again for no results but hook ups and friendships? Sounds like a good idea. Find out who the real ecologists are…

    Happy to know you’re working on the movie…I’m going to camp this summer to be a gardener. You better recognize…

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