waking up

santa claus is pretty ridiculous, any way you look at it.  fat man in red coat, flies reindeer driven chariot, falls through chimneys. and thats how kids find playstations under pine trees these days. yeah. that’s the legend. 

im curious: when does it finally hit children that this myth is pure rubbish? that that just can’t be…it’s completely illogical, irrational, and unlawful entry.  tooth fairy, your mom convincing you of immortality when you were seven, the united nations…all a load of bs.

this permaculture course is almost over. im home in about 3 and a half weeks. im busy running past lessons in my head, recalling memories of worms and compost making and vegan pies and liquid fertilizer and building with mud and soil consistencies, thinking back and trying earnestly to make sense of everything, and how im going to use it.  technical practice aside, of which there is plenty, this week has been full of various enlightenments of my own actions and behaviors..

it takes massive amounts of energy to raise a cow for meat. its astronomical compared to vegetables. so why not go vegetarian? how much protein do we really need? how is it that americans eat meat or chicken twice a day, on average? why? i’ve lost the taste of meat. to be frank, its just hard to separate the environmental effects from my cuisine anymore.

why do build from concrete? its expensive, it breaks apart, it doesnt retain heat like other natural materials (straw bale construction), its caused injury and respiratory diseases, and its all rock. why has society sacrificed health and wellness for cheaper production? who wins in the end?

and the mother of all…sewage. what kind of idiots decided that the best way to deal with human waste was to put it in a bowl, and send it away underground with water in a complicated network of metal, corrosive pipes? then we invented chemicals to treat and clean the water, and make it safe for drinking? what? seriously. have you ever thought about this? we use clean water to send crap away somewhere else.

and this is what ive been waking up too in these past few days.  and ive been trying to understand the root of this problem. laziness? irresponsibility? or simply a lack of awareness that we can live healthier, more exciting, interesting, and fun lives, but only after we examine ourselves, our actions, and their consequences.  because right now, the sitation is getting worse, the problem trickier to deal with, the solutions requiring even more thought and contemplation.  my roommate describes humanity as a young thief who steals and steals from the liquor store. he comes in every day, takes more and more candy, thinking the old, aging owner isn’t paying attention. only one day, there won’t be any more to steal, and the kid won’t have anything to hide behind. 

then what happens?


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12 thoughts on “waking up”

  1. i was talking to my mom recently about santa claus and whatnot and was trying to figure out when i realized that there was no such thing. i thought real hard about it and i can honestly say that i just have no idea when i came to the realization. i’ve come to the conclusion that i was so traumatized by the news that i’ve completely blocked it from my memory.

    and about the rest of your entry. i believe that a lot of people are just unaware about a lot of things. we usually don’t think twice about how concrete harms, or the amount of energy it takes to raise cattle, how much their everyday consumption is harming future generations etc etc. we’ve just grown comfortable with our way of life and find it hard to readjust to the reality of the situation. we just get wrapped up in our everyday lives that we fail to realize the repercussions of our everyday activities. and there are also those who just refuse to believe it, which is a shame.

    should we be pessimistic about it? no. not at all. what happens next is, as cheesy as it sounds, to spread the word. knowledge is power. cheesefest 2k7.

  2. You’re coming to this realization about the same time that I am coming to the realization that the entire educational and societal system for raising children is fucked. They’re probably related. I was going to write a long post about it but I haven’t finished thinking it through yet.

    The thing is, it wouldn’t be SO HARD to make changes that would improve our lives (in terms of the environment, or in terms of raising children). People just don’t want to do it. It’s so easy to let someone else do things and not think about them. It’s hard to live in a world where you have to think all of the time about everything you do, where everything comes from, and what the repercussions of laziness are.

  3. Aaaah Aaron. This is one of the reasons why I don’t eat meat. And ride a bicycle. People enjoy their comfort and that comfort can only be achieved via blissful ignorance.

    How many slaves were used to produce the cocoa in that chocolate bar you’re eating? How many people lost their lives so that you could snort that coke? Where’s the money that you just spent on that hash going to? How many children did it take to produce those snazzy runners?

    People don’t want to know. It’ll ruin all their fun.

  4. I don’t know of any schools teaching ecology or responsible eco practices. But I do know that all public schools are teaching incorrectly, especially for the amount of knowledge people need to know in the modern world just to function. It’s not like the old days where you just have to read, write and do basic arithmetics. Not to mention the style of schooling is a cesspool of gangs, violence, depression, and discrimination. Whatever.

    I am feeling a little jaded about education at the moment. This summer I’ll be investigating experiential learning, which sounds like the kind of thing you were participating in this summer. It sounds like the wave of the future.

  5. My class just condemned vegetarians who are vegetarians more for the animals than for the race and class problems. But people here know about the race and class issues within the meat industry and STILL participate in it. wtf. Perfect Standard is such an excuse to take no action at all.

  6. wow. ok…

    first of all ck, i dont promote the use of any synthetic drugs, i dont own snazzy runners, im not even sure what runners are (we call shoes SHOES), and god bless you for being vegetarian.


    i think that that might be the norm, but im sure there are some off the radar schools that do teach ecology. but lets face it…movers and shakers are kids who have strong backgrounds..it promotes socialization and interpersonal development. so what im thinking is that we need permaculture / eco freako camp.

    wordsthat burn, i just started reading diet for a small planet. will let u know how things go…

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