everything everything everything

guys i smell so bad. really. its gotten to the point that – well, ppl around me at the chader ochel [eating area] are pulling back when i offer hugs [pulling back when EYE offer hugs??] but that’s not SO terrible – i’m smelling my putrid scent of work, sweat, mud, and balagan that its actually comforting, in a way. right? call it machismo, call me machismo – try it: aaron machismo ephraim urbaneskimo small – but the very, very temporary self repulsion has turned into sweet muddy satsifaction. maybe its that i havent showered in 4 days. or that the work shirt im wearing hasnt met mr. detergent in 7 weeks. or the oil and clay stains on my 20 shekel pants. they’re all GRRRRRRREAT!

so its been a long time since i blogged. yes, i realize. nothings really come up though, no lightning bolts to the head, nothing too inspiring. and now, on the eve of the end of the adventure that is the GA at kibbutz lotan, call it cliche, but things are melding together, culminating into the final product that can be none other than a full realization of my own potential, the unearthing of my soul, the layers of materialism, doubt, adolescence, and again, doubt, being brushed aside by the desert sun, work, leaders, the staff here at our program, kibbutznikim. 

 the light has gone on ladies and gentlemen.

everything is possible.

say it again. say it slowly, with intention.


is possible.

so if everything is possible…

what are you sitting around for?


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

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