israir airlines

hopefully this post will get this message across. spread the word, all over the cyberworld.

NEVER FLY, NEVER MAKE RESERVATIONS, NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT BOOKING A FLIGHT WITH ISRAIR AIRLINES. they suck, they can’t help you, they’ll cancel your flight and book you one with alitalia [which has just been replaced as the world’s worst airline] and they’re in general, evil, evil people. go with any other airline, expensive or not, just don’t think for a second that things will go right if you fly with israir airlines.

this is so fucking annoying…i just want to get back to america! can you imagine. things are kinda screwed up with flights right now. trying to. recover. and make it home. soon!


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10 thoughts on “israir airlines”

  1. Wait….
    Okay, first, I’ve always had good experiences with Israir, including when I asked them to hold the airplane for a friend, and they actually did…

    Second, are you on your way back already?

    Third, *why* do you want to get back to America?

  2. they cancelled my flight, now im flying to rome, then new york, and have to buy a new ticket from new york to lax. lots of bucks. i hate them and looking for a new outlet.

    i am on my way back already.

    i want to go back to america for many reasons. chiefly, it’s time.

    okay. first : who are you? have we met before?

  3. You are on the extreem. I fly a lot with many different companies and some times there are problems. Sure the cheapest company, the more problems. But I found the different not so high between Lufthansa and Israir compair to the price difference. If you will check Ryinair that are much more cheaper from Israir, you will find much pure quality. If you have nothing better to do with your money, I will recommend to fly first class with swiss air.

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