the crickets come to sing softer songs than those of their cicada cousin. ‘pooteeweet?’ they chirp, clicking their bronze heels saying ‘it’s ok, it’s ok, we’re here to keep you company since you’ve left yours.’ friends of mine when the newly found friends are no longer, slipping out of my hands like a badly broken miscarriage full of mishaps galore. attention to detail, attention to detail…the details are what I live for, what I’d die for. in 1945 roughly 120,000 people died in the firebombing of dresden. not a sound was made by the people, because they were incinerated. i guess the learning curve wasn’t so curved after all. we either climb or fall of the edge but I’m falling I’m falling off the slope of the workforce no longer- scouting for the next hill while still panting from the other. and now, to retrace my steps and do it all over again? mythical fairness fading from my fingers like a dream, nails in the coffins hammering away keeping me awake at night, the crickets still singing ‘pooteeweet?’ to check i’f i’m awake of course i’m awake i’m preparing for tomorrow’s job hunt, a trail i know so well i could lead tours on it. this world’s all about chances, so i hear. The firebombing consisted, of the by-then standard methods, of dropping large amounts of high-explosive to blow off the roofs to expose the timbers within buildings, followed by incendiary devices (fire-sticks) to ignite them and then more high-explosives to hamper the efforts of the fire services. The consequences of these standard methods were particularly effective in Dresden: the bombings eventually created a self-sustaining firestorm with temperatures peaking at over 1500°(2700°F). After a wide area caught fire, the air above the bombed area became extremely hot and rose rapidly. Cold air then rushed in at ground level from outside, and people were sucked into the fire.

so i hear so i hear. the Dresden heat of the san fernando valley affects us mind spirit direction, leading her majesty’s armies of ants to penetrate the dishwasher indoors, the crickets to click their heels.

they’ve stopped singing.
the drone of the air conditioner goes on.

today was my dresden. the office, the computer, the email. everything was sucked out from under me.

so it goes.


eskimo updates

the eskimo got a job, got a vintage t shirt that gets high fives from the ladies at toluca lake bars, downloaded a bunch of putumayo cds (paid of course 🙂 listening to bob marley and bossa nova, signed up for jdate, loves work and stays late, going to a barbecue on sunday, gonna throw a kick ass rosh hashana party or get drunk trying, worked out and tired-from working out-interested in procuring free massages (any takers?), not blogging enough, going to weddings, hanging out with married people (still weird) meeting new peeps at work and getting the brain nerdwired (yes i just made that up) and as always, plotting the next adventure…

t shirtability

why do truly vintage t-shirtshirts – those made in the 70’s and 80’s – last so long? is it something in the fabric? or production processes? and in th same vein, why do Gap or urban outfitter ‘vintage style’ t-shirts go dead like 20 minute chewing gum after a few years? the threads walk away, the article compromises all it’s structural integrity. i tried digging up some facts but just got lost in the conspiracy. it’s all about cyclical consumerism. the shirts are designed to go bad after a certain amount of time, because then we buy new ones.

solution = buy old, longer lasting t-shirts. or buy hemp. or grow it. and then smoke it, if that’s your thing.

my sleeping schedule is definitely out of whack. though i don’t think that it’s a good thing if it’s ‘in whack,’ since i don’ really know what that means or what whack is. if you find out, let me know.

we’re having a salsa party on sunday. if you’re in town, you’re invited. say that you’re with the urban eskimo and security will let you in.

 UPDATE:  (thanks Jessica!) and god bless wikipedia.

Planned obsolescence (also built-in obsolescence (UK)) is the decision on the part of a manufacturer to produce a consumer product that will become obsolete and/or non-functional in a defined time frame. Planned obsolescence has potential benefits for a producer in that it means a consumer cannot just buy a product once and never have to buy again – the life of the product’s usefulness or functionality is fixed, so that at some point the consumer must purchase again, whether returning to the original manufacturer for a newer model, or buying from the competition. For an industry, it stimulates demand in the marketplace by ensuring a customer must come back into a buying mode sooner than had the product been built to last longer or indefinitely. It exists in many different products from vehicles to lightbulbs, from buildings to software. There is, however, the potential backlash of consumers that become aware of such obsolescence; such consumers can shed their loyalty and buy from a company that caters to their desire for a more durable product.


the eskimo is samsoniting it again, along the coast of southern california and the gorgeous coastal spots of tijuana and ensenada. im writing from santa barbara, visiting friends, eating thai food, hiking, the sort of detox one’s body demands after going through a 3 day debauchery binge cruise provided by carnival cruise lines.

limitless food, long lines, peoples of all different types, frat boys, bachelorettes, wet t shirt contests, and an abundance of crap sold by merchants hawking 8 dollar sombreros without a peso in mind. it was like spring break in a taco bell bathroom. add some silicone enhancements and then throw as much as possible away, dump it in the ocean, the sink,m wherever, as long as you throw away.

a cruise is like las vegas on a yacht. sorry. somehow that sounded a lot more poignant in my head. but its definitely an eco disaster. they do re-use plates, cutlery, dishes…but the food, my much food gets tossed its insane. and its not good! happens when you cook in thousand quantities.

the eskimo got a job! i’m gonna work for a design company! in santa monica. rub your hands and your heads together…i shall be moving soon. the commute is killer. the job is killer too. context: former = bad, latter = good. i’m starting as a junior project manager.

no go watch flight of the concords! and get diseases from monkeys.

what brings you here?

the wordpress CMS allows you to see your site referrals…this is what google searches get people to this blog. the last might be my favorite.

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