and such great timing!

The Pentagon is investigating how a B52 bomber was mistakenly armed with six nuclear warheads last week and allowed to fly 1,500 miles across America before anyone noticed the weapons were missing.

A squadron commander in charge of the warheads, each of which has up to ten times the destructive power of the Hiroshima atom bomb, has been relieved of his duties while crews responsible for the error have been banned from handling munitions.

Although officials insisted yesterday that there was never any danger of the warheads detonating, the disclosure will shake confidence in the security of America’s vast nuclear arsenal.

Washington has often voiced concerns about sloppy controls over nuclear material in the former Soviet Union, but this incident could not have been closer to home.

It was only then that crews discovered the six Advanced Cruise Missiles mounted on the bombers’ wings were armed with W80-1 warheads, which have yields of between 5 and 150 kilotons.

“Standards are very exacting when it comes to munitions.”

—I was planning on going to Austin this weekend, flying back on Sept.11, but curse the GMAT practice test! One never knows what’s in the air these days…You don’t ever hear of a b-52 bomber loaded with a hundred million tons of Snickers or super hot chicks. Why not? Sexy beings not f-16s!

Is anyone going to shul for high holidays anymore?


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