y we fight?

I take more puffs asthma inhaler lungs filling with fillings of smoke the gray matter of the dark matter the deli fruit platter my grandmothers Alzheimer’s forces her to steal danish cookies from 99cents store building blocks from potatoes stolen in Auschwitz cell block A arthritis from airplane factories slaves to the station we are inducing stress for the purpose of? tell me but i think i was happier in the shade painting with mud with the nighttime owls and daytripping tigers. memories and dreams squashed like bugs man oh man! is that swatter of societal sensibility big, bigger than both you and me and everyone around us. so what exactly are we living for but the chance to continue the farce or soul larcenything that has to do with securing funds and moving up the ranks which have no top rung in sight. we are chasing paper, the green slips for all the hopeful hits to do it all over again, make more of ourselves and keep the game going keepthegame going keepthegamegoing keepthegamegoing with no finish line but retirement confines, somewhere in santa barbara with the naked old men with sores on their necks. is this what we’re fighting for?


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

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