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Hey brother! How are things out there? I’m thinking of you and so is everyone here! same old same old here, watching the news a lot, and can’t wait for you to come home.

You’re probbably thinking what is this picture that my brother sends me? well, I’ve got some good news and some news that’s just ok. You remember Suzy right? Well, turns out she’s 3 months due, says it was my doing that got her this big. I may be blessed with such a powerful instrument between my thighs, but I never seen anybody get that big. You?

Says we were fooling around, that night after mini golf, something about me and Lionel, (you already shipped out) she was there with Tina (the girl who does that special twist you remember?) So now she says yes it happened and there’s no use for it, beggin’ child support for Amanda. Already gave her a name, can you believe this? And i’m not sure i’m the daddy.

I mean, I guess it’s possible for that all to happen now, when I think about it, we were getting freakish a lot at mini golf, but really? wrecked my halloween, that’s for damn sure. Me and Bobby we still had time to fill up some candies with blades, you know, like the ones we be eating as kids then spread around at the park. those were great times. anyways, stay outta trouble and if you blow up I’ll kill you!


taking bets

“I wouldn’t call it stepping up the rhetoric,” he told reporters after Bush said last week that a nuclear-equipped Iran evoked the threat of “World War III,” and Vice President Dick Cheney warned of “serious consequences” for Iran.

“In fact what the vice president said was a very clear review of the situation in the Middle East,” Fratto said following a hawkish speech by Cheney on Sunday.

Asked if the administration was setting the stage for war, Fratto said that top US officials including Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice “have all been incredibly clear and consistent in our message on Iran.”

The message? We’re gonna go in and kick your asses within 8 months.

I really don’t know where I stand on this issue. On one hand, you’ve got a fanatical figurehead who wants to kill Jews, but says he doesn’t at the podium. On the other hand, how can I, how can anyone, be truly pro-war? Maybe I’m soft hearted, but a fair amount of skepticism is not out of the question when watching events unfold. The pre-text may not be deliberately misleading, but how can any human on this Earth vote an unequivocal yes on any form of US action, military or political, against a neighboring country?

In what’s shaping up to be a tournament of sorts of death, I find it compelling to take a look outside the window, smell that seasonal scent of Malibu celebrity homes burning (it’s not great and further aggravating my already aggravated allergies) and wonder: It’s getting set up. Literally, before our eyes. The threats, the insults, the rhetoric. Again? Really? Really? And all this on the eve of our President asking Congress for another $196 billion to further fund the most privatized war in history?

In other news, I found an apartment in Santa Monica, on 14th and Wilshire.  It’s gonna be nice to walk again, and my bike will finally find some regular use.  The apartment is nice. And the rent is highly under priced for the area, which is even better. The housemate is nice too. Works in advertising, writes, likes TV.  So what gives, jibba jabba?

Crystal meth is a serious drug.  Not that I’ve tried it. I saw the seriousness of it on MTV’s True Life.  If I ever get so addicted to something that I’ll prostitute myself to unattractive black males and have 6 week old taco bell wrappers in my underwear drawer…Then please…Leave me be, if only for the comedy. Then shoot me four hours later.

Something big is happening. Something big is bubbling. Do ya feel it?! Do ya?

baby, i swear. One day we’ll get the money straight…


cooking in the kitchen, without a shirt
can drive a man crazy
raise your hands, up at that angle
I’m like melted water
thoughts rushing, rushing about you
I’ll tear you out of that dress
rip you apart
and have you for lunch
you’re still the tenant
for that corner property of my back
you can have it, have it all.
it was always yours, and never mine
always. from the beginning.

but now.
its like sleeping with strangers
but no longer fun

we order takeout now.
you fall asleep before me.
your shirt’s on all the time.
and there i lay.
tired drowning in computer magazines  and the laptop

and you sitting.


midnight flow

 148 seconds go!

master flex with the rest, moving out of the valley and up into the crest/didn’t you get my text that i had sex with kanye west? pounding on the ivory keys, please pass the anti-freeze cause the thalamus is forming my business class is boring waiting for the rain so i can play the coltrane, not colgate, ’cause i floss daily okay maybe that’s a maybe but i at least brush twice a day when my fellas go sailing, out in the marina wouldn’t wanna be ya, if you’re still reading this i hope i get to see ya working so hard my eyes about to fall out, chasing all the paper with senseless doubt, headed for the mountains the romanesque fountains the train is coming, its coming just around this

syria has nukes?

this is pretty interesting and current.

remember that Israeli air strike against northern syria  a few weeks ago? according to an arutz sheva article, israeli officials overheard syrian officials call israel an aggressor, mentioning the country’s attack on a “nuclear facility.” is this substantial confirmation that what really happened there was osirak II? what’s even more compelling is that israel says they bombed the weapons cache when learning that nuclear material was smuggled in from north korea, our weird friend in the asian states.  if true, this would be in direct violation of bush’s non proliferation doctrine he launched years back, when he said that he’ll hold the country responsible for spreading material.

so. spreading nukes bad. syria gets nukes. they admit it. but from who? israel claims it was n. korea. if they were right about the content of the weapons, it doesn’t seem that israel’s theory on the materials’ origins holds no water.  so what did the us president do? today at a white house press conference about the impotence of the dem. controlled congress, he evaded both questions designed to elicit any sort of response.  i’m not advocating any pressures to be made (well, that’s not completely true) but what’s happening right now is completely hypocritical, and if bush wasn’t such a pussy, he’d deal more effectively with the current situation. politically, he sets himself up and shows no follow through on any threats. who the hell listens to that?


mapmy friend left yesterday.

joey is gone to sydney, for the better part of a year. his tentative plan is to work and live at a hotel, as an activity coordinator. what’s an activity coordinator dude?

‘i don’t know, it’s like, when people want beach stuff i give them boogie boards’

and probably snorkel gear. the Israelites pronounce snorkel with a sh, like shutup. Shnorkel. ridiculous. so the boy is gone, another trip. i’m envious, but not so envious. i try to beat back-to-the-valley traffic now by heading over to barnes by work and read business journals and art magazines. it’s very chic chic but doesn’t really cut out my driving time all that much. Anyways folks I checked out the travel section: fodor’s, let’s go, lonely planet, browsing by country. and for some reason, I couldn’t really nail down a place that I’m starving to see. brazil, s. america, africa, thailand or india, i think that’s where i’m headed (regardless) but even those didn’t really jump at me.

perhaps the pictures were of sucky nature, but i’ve come to realize that this nomadic lifestyle, of going and coming, staying or leaving, it’s of cyclical nature, in that it comes and goes like santa barbara wind, october allergies, and a facebook application. ive got too much going on here, which is good. i have a new mp3 player (8 gigs!), a GMAT course, a UCLA extension course, a girl that i’m dating but have only seen once, a job where i’m the only jew. times are exciting, so what’s there to leave?

joey and i headed to skinny’s, a horrible pseudo-lounge in north hollywood that is even made more depressing by its airport decor. its completely devoid of personality. everyone who leaves, yep, they’re off to fly to eureka or memphis to see elvis and his distorted pelvis. i got hit on by a 32 year old (swear she’s older…but i was stoned at the time) who owns an accessory store or something. ‘you should just do whatevery you want to do right now. you’ve got another few years before you have to get serious.’ just a few more years….

new zealand is supposed to be beautiful this time of year.

i remember in granada, i was at the bumble bee, this hostel in the albaicin, talking with the usual stragglers – this was years ago-we went to the bar and ran into more americans and italians. there are a lot of misinformed people in this world for what’s its worth, and i hope it’s worth a lot, staying in one place learning, even the 9 to 5, there are advantages to everything. its a matter of perspective i guess. and how long it takes for the squirming to really affect you.

i give it a few more months. 🙂

why israir sucks even harder

I few months ago I posted a short, hostile but honest piece instructing the world never to fly with Israir. Thankfully, that has received considerable hits from Google news and other sources. Occasionally I check up on the most hated airline in the Middle East, and possibly, Middle Earth, and came across one story, and another blog entirely dedicated to Israir. the title is pretty self explanatory.


And the following story…Scary and unbelievable..the story of how 2 planes almost collide at Ben Gurion. Can you guess which airlines?

In an update to my own case, my dad has emailed their office yet again, requesting a compensation of $250 of the actual $660. He’s threatened to file suit seeking full damages on top of aggravated damages if they don’t send a check within 7 days. Let’s see what happens! I’ll let you guys follow the story along. And no, it’s not about the money. Wel,, it kinda is, but there are a few principals in there. Somewhere.