why israir sucks even harder

I few months ago I posted a short, hostile but honest piece instructing the world never to fly with Israir. Thankfully, that has received considerable hits from Google news and other sources. Occasionally I check up on the most hated airline in the Middle East, and possibly, Middle Earth, and came across one story, and another blog entirely dedicated to Israir. the title is pretty self explanatory.


And the following story…Scary and unbelievable..the story of how 2 planes almost collide at Ben Gurion. Can you guess which airlines?

In an update to my own case, my dad has emailed their office yet again, requesting a compensation of $250 of the actual $660. He’s threatened to file suit seeking full damages on top of aggravated damages if they don’t send a check within 7 days. Let’s see what happens! I’ll let you guys follow the story along. And no, it’s not about the money. Wel,, it kinda is, but there are a few principals in there. Somewhere.


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