mapmy friend left yesterday.

joey is gone to sydney, for the better part of a year. his tentative plan is to work and live at a hotel, as an activity coordinator. what’s an activity coordinator dude?

‘i don’t know, it’s like, when people want beach stuff i give them boogie boards’

and probably snorkel gear. the Israelites pronounce snorkel with a sh, like shutup. Shnorkel. ridiculous. so the boy is gone, another trip. i’m envious, but not so envious. i try to beat back-to-the-valley traffic now by heading over to barnes by work and read business journals and art magazines. it’s very chic chic but doesn’t really cut out my driving time all that much. Anyways folks I checked out the travel section: fodor’s, let’s go, lonely planet, browsing by country. and for some reason, I couldn’t really nail down a place that I’m starving to see. brazil, s. america, africa, thailand or india, i think that’s where i’m headed (regardless) but even those didn’t really jump at me.

perhaps the pictures were of sucky nature, but i’ve come to realize that this nomadic lifestyle, of going and coming, staying or leaving, it’s of cyclical nature, in that it comes and goes like santa barbara wind, october allergies, and a facebook application. ive got too much going on here, which is good. i have a new mp3 player (8 gigs!), a GMAT course, a UCLA extension course, a girl that i’m dating but have only seen once, a job where i’m the only jew. times are exciting, so what’s there to leave?

joey and i headed to skinny’s, a horrible pseudo-lounge in north hollywood that is even made more depressing by its airport decor. its completely devoid of personality. everyone who leaves, yep, they’re off to fly to eureka or memphis to see elvis and his distorted pelvis. i got hit on by a 32 year old (swear she’s older…but i was stoned at the time) who owns an accessory store or something. ‘you should just do whatevery you want to do right now. you’ve got another few years before you have to get serious.’ just a few more years….

new zealand is supposed to be beautiful this time of year.

i remember in granada, i was at the bumble bee, this hostel in the albaicin, talking with the usual stragglers – this was years ago-we went to the bar and ran into more americans and italians. there are a lot of misinformed people in this world for what’s its worth, and i hope it’s worth a lot, staying in one place learning, even the 9 to 5, there are advantages to everything. its a matter of perspective i guess. and how long it takes for the squirming to really affect you.

i give it a few more months. 🙂


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

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