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dedication moving forward forward. the longer the road, the deeper the road. can’t you see, we’re traveling? i and i, strictly for guns, we’re traveling. moving forward. i’ve found love but can’t hold onto it. that is the curse. ahh ahh. you put the Jah, in my jump. jah real, feel my name, we’re rocking to the rugs burns of the nine to the seven to the two – time moves slower when love moves faster, but are you listening when i praise your name silently in heaven the mud crumbling from the walls when i shout your name every room is moving to mind and soul, mind and soul the beat of the handdrum calls outwith passionfruit laughing. pause. pause. feeling alright, alright. 13 minutes have passed since has passed over, soul rolled over to your white shoulder pressed against mine – the kiss of mayday and blueberries lalalas ROOTS ROOTS ROOTS staple my heart to yours wouldn’t that be nice?  my heart moves to the beat of the east when love is all there is the periphery distorts melts into itself the marriage of minds is a beautiful thing to waste the kiss of this a wonderful thing to taste love, love love, in the end there is only love for you.

when will all jah people learn? semitic man you hit just above water the blind leading the blind leading the blind leadingtheblind leadingtheblindleadingtheblind your breath is my salvation don’t stop with the roots penetrating to this love apart. hey! when you live don’t live in babylon, corrupted love rusting out without attention i’m granting, i can grant if given the chance. where are you headed? brothers sisters prepare this love feast from this day forward, from this day on , we are one people in love


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

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