8 ways. mindfulness

Having a blog is like having an open house, to your head, all the time. Wade stepped in a few days ago. Zen Master. Compassion seeker.  He knows what’s up. Nice to meet and greet.

Read this post of his: 8 ways to develop mindfulness. Very helpful. #s 2 and 4 are where it’s at.


spoken words. updates.

I’m about to take over YouTube. You saw it here first.

the lyrics are on the Words page.

Also updated Who I Am.

Updates: Miami Ad school app is done. I think my grandma is dying and I want to make a video about it. Not the death, but everyone’s reactions to it, and last memories of her. It’s 94 degrees in my room. I go mountain biking or hiking every day, and I thought I broke my ass bone because of one of those 2 activities. I’m reading the Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts and it rocks. 66 people died in a train wreck in China. I know that thats sad, but seriously, that’s something like .0000066 percent of all the Chinese people on Earth, perhaps just China. I’m just saying. Break out the samsonites! hi molly!

bloggers for israel unite

I’m one of 60 posters for this israel blog, that’s supposed to celebrate the state. turning 60. through the INTERNET.

Anyways. If you want a summation of my Israel experiences, go here.

If you want to donate your kidneys, please click here.

Happy Passover. Stay clean, and stay sober.  Ha. Just kidding. You should get really, really intoxicated.  It’ll make Jesus Hashem happy.

iExist. iExist?

I’ve never seen I<3Huckabees, and with good reason: I’ve never even been able to grasp the concept of existentialism, until a few days ago.  Maybe it’s like Kabbalah; you need to be married and over 40 to even start it. But alas, I still haven’t reached quarter life and I’m single tingle and ready to mingle. Christ, was that lame. Digression!

Existentialism, as I understand it – and as Wikipedia explains it – is the belief that we, human beings, draw meaning from personal values, decisions, and actions, as opposed to some higher power, force, or authority. “I think therefore I am,” besides being an reprehensible grammatic error, evokes power in the one who says it.

Fuck searching for yourself.

Create yourself.

The part that really resonated with me and my elbows was the concept of absurdity, in that life IS absurd. And so is death.  most of us live life thinking, irrationally, that tomorrow brings hope, all the while edging closer and closer to the certainty of death and the end. But we fail to see that plain truth, that we all die in the end, life is pretty much meaningless – till we create it ourselves – and we tend to lead a more secure, stable route, thinking again wrongly, that stability and safety will lead to prosperity and reward.

God. Where are we these days? But why? Why do we take Road A instead of G,H,I, or J? Because confronting that irrationality and going on a quest for deeper meaning is so imposing and burdensome, the body and mind undertake a self-sabotaging mission to thwart those chances for self-discovery.  That, at least for me, is what this whole id vs. ego tug is all about. Safety and stability versus adventure and risk.

But I’d take risk any day.