the trip!

This weekend was full of realizations. Spent at a massive circus fair/ green fest in Santa Barbara…I don’t have any sort of system for outlining these, but here they are. Hope they make some sense! And I’m 25! Eek!  Also found a flat in the upper Haight/Ashbury area of SF! Things are moving faaaast. If anyone has any ideas (legal or not) about getting 16K to pay for school, let’s hear ’em. long live the animals! long live the panda bear!

Lessons learned from Lion Sweet Dinosaur

1. Life is intense, complicated, intricate. Yet I’ve come to a simple conclusion about this quest of fulfillment, and finding the inner self: your heart is telling you something, and it’s your mission to listen to it. Each of us possesses creative drive – the desire to make and invent things, not only in the physical sense, but we want to reinvent our environment and ourselves. I believe that deep down, the inner child in us is still talking, but we make efforts to quash its voice. Connect with it, because its still important. It was your first voice, the first time you were able to communicate ‘This is Who I Am’. For some, it’s gardening, acting, repairing cars, collecting watches. Creative actions are powerful therapies that bring us full circle, and make us feel spiritually whole. Whoever you are, BE IT. Be the person you are. Dress the part, play the part, speak the part, live the part. Be open to receptive to everything, but start with yourself.

2. True friendship and partnership is accomplished when both sides have each reached that level of ‘creative comfort.’ It’s a zone where self-expression is encouraged, judgment and criticism is nonexistent, and true beauty is shared. What I mean to say is, you’ve reached a new level of inter-action when you’re carpooling and your passenger bursts into song. It’s even better if it’s Gin and Juice by Dr. Dre. Cherish it. That person trusts you! They have accepted that you’ve accepted and will accept them unconditionally. And of course, we’re forced to ponder about the relationships that haven’t reached that space yet. Will it happen?

3. In order to fully understand something, you need to experience it yourself. Flickr, youtube, blogs, news – cheap substitutes for the Real McCoy. If I said the Italian cafe culture is great, you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. Go out. Life is short. Experience cultures, meet new people from all walks, learn, learn, learn. To do so otherwise, to experience vicariously…You’re cheating

4. LOVE YOURSELF. Why not? Just fall in love with yourself. There’s no excuse. Even counting your flaws, you’re amazing. You’re great. You are an awesome individual. Start by loving yourself, and you’ll find it easier to love others as well. And on others…We’re all just the same creatures, existing in this world, trying to survive. We have the option to make our lives an enjoyable experience. Let’s start by self-assessment and see that by loving ourselves, fully and unconditionally, we take a step in a direction that is only positive.

5. Giving is the ultimate form of receiving. To give is it to get. Kindness is the language of reciprocity, the code to unlocking and creating strong interpersonal relationships.

Sometimes, after long, complicated days, or on days where I’m feeling lonely and that I feel I’ve been dealt the shitty card, I’ll write 10 things I’m thankful for for that day. Usually they’re positive, happy experiences! It totally works, and feels great afterwards. Another idea I suggested to my brother is writing out 5 acts of kindness you perform each day. You’ll be able to catalog and observe how you’re doing.  In the end, what really gives us satisfaction, but kindness to others?

6. Progress doesn’t happen alone. The lone entrepreneur, whether social or business, will find it difficult to succeed. Goals are realized when we work in teams. It’s faster, smarter, and we learn from one another. Be open to feedback, and don’t take critique personally. Separate yourself.

7.  Humans. We’re all the same. We are all musical notes, floating along a sheet of music. Some of us moving forward, some ringing, some resting. Staying healthy and sound is the key to progress, moving along with the flow of the orchestra that is simply LIFE.  The path to progress, and success in all forms, is achieved through kindness.  It’s a new paradigm of understanding relationships. We’re all in this together.

8. Selfishness is my impediment. Not giving is the enemy. Friendship is a beautiful concept.  It’s interdependence. Our mission is to seek.

9. I need to get back into improv. Join a group. Playing is SO much fun and doesn’t happen enough. Never forget the Earth children at LIB, singing and playing like we were 7. It’s what’s missing! Go crazy.  Without  the drugs. 🙂

10. You can find your subculture anywhere. It’s a matter of being open. To new ppl. New experiences. Newness. Music. Lands. Foods. everything. change is eternal. see it and that grow with it. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.


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