first days with the gays.

I’m here I’m here.  Even Google maps knows it. Damn you Google. Damn you and your library of information.

life in samsonite map

My room has been laid out with permaculture strategy. I’ll follow up with pictures or send a link on FB. I’ve got a bed -on a real frame! – that I put together with the help of my Burner roommate: a bearded fellow who eats black beans regularly; a study/desk/working nook that sits behind my closet; three huge paneled windows that I somehow forgot to close before retiring for the evening last night (fortunately I awoke at 9:20 without a frostbitten nose); there’s also a misanthropic cat named Baxter who likes to pee on used cardboard boxes I keep in the hallway.  For the first 24 hours I was taking it personally but then I understood that he doesn’t just hate me, he hates EVERYBODY.

I was expecting to be plunged in a wicked state of euphoria during my initial days in the Bay Area, as per usual samsonite adventures, but I feel so comfortable in San Francisco, it’s almost as if I was always here, and that Los Angeles was the vacation.  the people, the beer, the clothing, the neighborhoods, the mass transit – urban living just for the eskimos.

STORY: Last night I met up with Eric Hanson, former Santa Barbara roommate, devout atheist and student of theology just across the Bay. I paid my fare, and we were off towards the Castro for some Gay festivities, when twenty minutes in we were halted by an SFPD officer, flailing her hands and whistling. Right. Left. anywhere but forwards! we spied up ahead and saw bikes, lots and lots of bikes 2 blocks away, driving perpendicularly from our position. The bus driver (whom I recognized from my previous trip. nice guy. gives directions.) cursed and pointed at our electric cables. we were stuck, and things were just getting interesting. metal spokes, wheels, helmets started coming towards us, first in pairs, then squads, regiments, an all out biking assault approaching critical mass. i got off and found Eric. We walked and talked, and made up the last row of a gay/sexy tranny parade.

smile for the cameras. you’re gonna be famous one day.

p.s. thx for the late night chats benari…


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6 thoughts on “first days with the gays.”

  1. i am glad you are having ur adventure! sorry about the late night text… wasnt me actually. anywho i cant wait to see the pix of your room!

  2. Badass… I was in that Critical Mass. You should have joined in the fun. It’s my favorite once-a-month SF ritual.

  3. oh eren…the thought of you in SF makes me so happy! Keep on smiling…and see you in a year (approximately). But I will probably be across the bay, expanding my mind 🙂

  4. i did critical mass this past halloween (dressed as a banana) and it was magical. you get an amazing tour of the city without much cars in your way. we ended up going down lombard. a bit scary, but exhilarating. it was quite a sight to see hundreds of bikers in costume going down the hill under a full moon. hope you’re enjoying san francisco. i’m two years in and i still can’t get enough.


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