15K – support the cause

I’m celebrating by going to school on time tomorrow. My first day. And I don’t even have a lunchbox. How sad. Sad like going to a 5th grade pool party and not being able to go swimming because you have smallpox sad. Sad like getting your laptop stolen in Israel sad. (Roughly a year ago) Sad like you’re making hummus and everything is in the blender but you’re out of olive oil sad.

I’m going to start posting about advertising..Ideas, examples, weird bizarre interesting crap that I find, think, produce. As I must grow, so groweth the blog.

Stay tuned. More to come. When we hit 30,000 we’ll all get platinum teeth! I know a guy in Chinatown who’ll do it for cheap. Group discount Hay-O!


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

2 thoughts on “15K – support the cause”

  1. aaron- first. i love you. second. i missed you while in israel. third. people go crazy for fireworks because they are rather unbelievable… different color fire exploding in the sky. pretty sweet to me… fourth. have you been staying up to date. http://www.mollypoppinsfromistanbul.blogspot.com – fifth. have the gays been loving you?…. or are you tooo manly?

  2. beautiful. i tried to comment but i’ll do it here instead.

    i can’t believe you got felt up by a bedouin woman…it’s always been my dream..

    i love you more. i hope the ups and downs have turned to more ups and less downs 🙂 but so goes the game. keep fighting those street hustlers! they’re only bothering you because you’re really really pretty.

    tell me about mike kaplan in lotan. i miss him the most. and hidai. and watsu. was it the same? hard to be back?

    im adding your blog to mine…

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