bears and elephants are always naked. that’s it!

it’s pretty pathetic that I haven’t posted any pictures of SF. Or taken any, as long as we’re on the subject. But I have been writing tons, working, coming up with ideas. Where to start…

Glenn, our Arctic friend
Glenn, our Arctic friend

I hung out with my buddy brian this weekend, a creative director at this agency in LA, who’s got 10 years of wisdom, experience, and solar orbits on me. one of the biggest reasons for going to miami ad school was working with him on a Teva project, and falling short of nailing ANYTHING. Failing at that, and producing under par work while freelancing at Omelet (seems to be a pattern here :), plus a swift kick in the ass from another writer is what got me here. I take it in stride. I shed my ego in pounds. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Why the fuck do we say that? It makes no fucking sense.

‘Life demands vision. It demands moving forward and looking ahead, because fear lies in the past,’ he says to me at Zeitgeist (which is a fantastic, hassle-free place to burn one, in case you’re interested!) over some SpeakEasy IPA. ‘And the journey is the search for those friends and allies, your teammates, to collectively construct a vision, seek progress, and realize success.’

P.S. We took pictures at this graffiti art alleyway on Valencia! It rocks. Will post when they arrive, vi prometto!

SF is RAD. So much to do, see, walk, listen, people to meet. It definitely feels like traveling. Only 3 weeks urban eskimo? Because it feels like 3 years. LA was the vacation. SF has always been home.

School school school. Word on the street is that this program is what you make of it. Superficial in my opinion. This is the place to make mistakes, to take advantage of working with working creatives, trying shit out and pushing creative to its  nebulous edges, and have fun. But it’d be wrong to compare it to ‘graduate school’. we’re not researching papers, we’re not seeking funds to help rescue afrikaan babies, and we sure as shit aren’t gonna be poor after this.

copy skills. brainstorming. indesign. and design and layout this quarter. so far i’ve made crappy business card, and 3 diff layouts for a playing card. will display? and written a journal in the voice of a 16 year old girl. who likes harry potter and art school.

shit! it’s time for schnitzel.


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

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