i will kidnap the people who created InDesign

i think asparagus gets a bad rap for being THE vegetable that makes urine smell bad. but i don’t think its that bad. I think it might just smell like asaparagus. but don’t believe a word i say. rarely does an asparagus meet my mouth.

im sitting in InDesign 1 right now. holy crap. im pretty bad at these ‘art’ and ‘design’ programs. i think its because it takes patience. im always looking for more of that.

today we had a speaker from openad.net – a place for ideas! it’s User Generated Content for the advertising world…so we’ve democratized creativity for everyone. im still getting my head around why i’m here exactly. the competition is starting to feel palpable. we’re back to school mode: i want approval, i want the teachers to like my output, i want people to laugh at my ideas and concepts. its sad but true. perhaps thats way it is with all artists, in general.

sorry im rambling. the speaker from openad held a mixer at a bar across the street from school. free drinks for writers and art directors. sounds fanfuckingtastic.

did anyone like the image of the naked polar bear? or was that just funny to me? keep thinking about that asparagus thing…there’s something there.

start commenting folks. let me know what you’re up to. jaffee when are we going riding? perhaps on saturday aye?


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

2 thoughts on “i will kidnap the people who created InDesign”

  1. We’re going riding as soon as you spell my name with one “e” instead of 2. Heh.

    No, seriously. I could do Saturday morning-early afternoon-ish. Going to see Feist in Berkeley on Saturday night, so any time before that. Call me. Do you have my number? I think I have yours. Also: my friend’s Salsa band. El Rio. The Mission. Friday. 9pm. Be there. All the latino hipsters in tight pants will be.

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