things I think about at 7:45 pm on a Tuesday. Some of which make me laugh.

  • Tampons
  • Bolivians who marry Peruvians and their Peru-Bolian Relatives
  • Your old, bearded Grandma (Grandmon)
  • The Homeless
  • Phish Fans under 30
  • Spelt and/or Bulgur
  • Getting a boner while riding public transportation or in the doctor’s waiting room
  • Boners, in general
  • My enflamed coccyx
  • Underground Railroad poetic jargon: Moses, Pharaoh, the Israelites
  • Jewish or Jewish-looking rappers
  • People who silently fart in enclosed spaces (see: boners)
  • Cannabis inspired jewelry worn by hairless, sun blotched men at hippie drum circles
  • Black and white infomercial footage // The phony actors unable to operate perfectly easy-to-use appliances– I can’t…Ahhh! This one button blender is just way too complicated! HELLLP! I need an alternative!
  • Cluster bombs
  • The pompous accent of the Toucan from Fruity Loops Cereal
  • Who were waiting on to invent the electronic drum set for the Car
  • Bad prehistoric drawings
  • Stories about kids taking care of their dying parents
  • the French
  • Super Soakers, the numbered increment system used to differentiate sizes, and how unnecessarily advanced they became when I turned 14
  • Various type of jellies
  • The semen/seamen homonym
  • The Mighty Ducks Trilogy
  • Guys named Hank, Harry, Heath, Henry (anything with an H, really)

sweatstains #1 (this is for everyone)

you’re tired. its shabbat. you’ll never be good at advertising. your ideas suck. you don’t sleep enough. eat something. you’re great. what’s your name? take my number. you’ll never call. you need help. are you sure you’re okay? you bring such joy to my life.

why are you so sad then?

sweatstains #1 (this is for everyone…)

I’m sorry for bad beginnings
And incomplete endings
I should’ve told you I’m stupid
unfamiliar in these waters
Fetching for a rock, some truth, anything
It’s easier as façade, to conquer them all with guile
A soldier who has thrown away everything
Gone to war and come back with nothing
Not even stories to tell
I miss the days
When I’d lose sleep
but feel good about it the next morning
Now I cower under the covers
Evading the treasure right in front of me
And I wake up sweating
For no reason
Only to wonder
Why you aren’t here.


sometimes when days go black I prefer the indoors.

the tea is the cure

but perhaps it starts with intuition.

okay. let’s get this going.

i’m torn between my love and complete apathy towards people. i waver between a full, resolute plunge into people, their lives, forming quick experiences with them, with the occassional pull towards one person in the fish eyed sea of things interacting, and ride that.  we’re going we’regoing we’regoing // tough strong fast hard i move.breathe.feel.flow //  and i’m caught like seagulls snatched from the sky // wondering how quickly  // i can make it back home. I don’t know what it is, the need to be completely reclusive and hide sometimes.

the recent trend is simple ingestion and digestion of everything. but we’ve picked up the pen, so here we are.

ad school is very much alive. copy techniques, photography1, photoshop1, intro to strategy, class only three days a week. something clicked recently with this ad business. One, writing is not dead, and still the most intelligent way to deliver a message. Which gives me hope, in today’s world economic state. Two, there are truthes about everything, that the mind tends to block at first, when you’re first forced to be Creative On Demand. It sucks, but it happens to everyone.  Work your audience expectations into your brand when trying to establish a vision or message strategy. or write stupid headlines. people are smart. you can be smart with them. We’re all busy. But smart has potential to win and get through people’s minds, and reach them to be memorable.  Three, MAS administration could use some work, or I need to get more flexible.  Through it is still VERY much enjoyable, and challenging.

I’m sad that the weather here seems to be taking a turn for the worse, and that this shortlived Indian summer here is ready to say goodbye. the fog is rolling in earlier now and my fingertips are half numb.the roommates are great, lovely, and I’m mostly in awe of their cooking abilities and patient hospitality. added some posters by magera moon, vicina di casa, saw soap boxes get destroyed, did yom kippur in berkeley, jews meet for dinner in the marina, leon small got surprised at 60, the brothers and I gave a speech at the party, Edahn continues to seek truth and answers in philosophies of the Far East, Gil Small is swimming the scholastic waters, and I cooked bok choy, peppers, and sausages for lunch today.

I’ve been writing music recently. Which is usually correlated with the start or end of a romantic, or as-romantic-can-be relationship. But no main event this time. The words I pray are soon to follow 🙂 I haveb’t been sleeping that well lately, something I connect with a 3 day war or attrition against some strain of flu, a new inhaler which I fear I’ve become addicted to, and a few hours ago we exchanged a number of Fuck Yous.  Ginger, Garlic and Lemon Tea was always the remedy. And now DJ Krush keeps us both company.

I have yet to sign up for Causecast. yet last night (except for tacquiera acid burn) I happily lost many hours of sleep, dreamscheming up ideas for their State Your Change promotion. All the videos are pretty serious: arts education, women’s rights, the power of voice. I’d like people be more comfortable about farting. Wouldn’t that just lighten everything up? I’d like to see people voice their disgust with Sarah Palin as a serious pick for VP. (But mostly I’d like to see my parents grow disgusted, but I don’t think that’s very likely) I want people to smile more and say hi, and not be afraid to have conversations. I want a rice cooker. I want an international Peanut Bunner and Honey Sandwich Day, PBH, when everyone bites on a sandwich at the same time. but, that site needs a new server or find a new host. Till then, causecast shall remain slow as you go, like escargot. i wonder what the deal is, and why its so slow. I imagine they’re focusing cause content, to keep the site consistent and reliable, and that amount of production has gotta be tough, no matter how big or small the crew. PS. during the causecast itself, i’d love to see some copy with a schedule of what to watch. it’s long. and some I’d rather see before others.

i’m hungry. bok choy attack. perhaps it will last. tempted to read the happiness list. options options. buy some stock options. with so instability running things over, i have faith that hope lurks somewhere nearby, waiting its turn for its coup de etat and bringing in innovation. so the cycle goes. up and down, up and down, round and round we spin. like a bad sex song.

there’s always room more magic.

loves, not doves.