when everything keeps klicking

Do you ever have one of those days when everything just clicks?  My friend LS gets that effect from Aderol, which is probably why he hasn’t slept in six days.

I ZipCar’d to Emeryville in the Beast Bay with Christian and Kelly to see the wonder that is IKEA: impeccable designs brought to you from Sweden, and made diligently by the hands of small Chinese people. I bought a fabric dresser, a creme brulee candle, and a small frying pan for less than a pair of new SkullCandy headphones I’m getting from Circuit City. Those motherfuckers are closing. Find the one nearest you and just buy a big ass TV. Buy three of them just for the fuck of it. Claim it. And show me your receipts.

Brunch at the neighbors, always a lovely bunch those folks are. French toast with homemade compote, a chicken sausage egg casserole that was definitely NOT kosher. My eyes then fell into my skull from building my first Flash movie, and I should sleeping right now to let them rest.

Something’s changing. And I’m not talking about my man in the White House (have you seen the new .gov website? Very 2.0!) I’m talking ad school. It’s clicking, it’s getting better, and we’re starting to produce better work. The ideas are getting better, there’s less crap coming round, and its quite enjoyable right now. The workload is getting only more intense with 5 classes, but we’re ACTUALLY WRITING nowadays, which is swell and reassuring that I have some semblance of skills with language.

And in a sick, weird, capitalist way –>it’s fun when your ads work.

Last night (was it just last night?) I wrote about change, and digging into ourselves and finding something that moves us, something that defines who we are, apart from work and family and city life. My initial thoughts are salsa dancing, travel, and mentoring others. I want to reconnect with a few kids I used to teach, and stay in their lives. Share in their wins. that sorta thing.

But ultimately, what do we remember? For me its those small moments of love, shared with others, over wine and food, walks for no reason and laughing like you just heard the funniest thing in the world. Its so fucking funny your ribs hurt the next morning and your stomach is full from dinner.

My plan is to build more of those. To have others in mind more. To give gifts without cause. To help others without expectation of anything in return. Because giving is the gift.

You are the prize.


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

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