Stories in 4 Words

I’ve been kicking myself in the head recently, feeling frustrated with the level of my work.  I write ads that sound like ads. My headlines sounds like sleazy sales pitches – there’s no story. The nice part is that I’m no longer in denial, and being conscious of my weakness only toughens my self-editing filter for crap. Still. It takes work to boil down words into something interesting. Focusing on a specific product, like Floss or the San Diego Zoo, complicates things only further.

So I came up with an exercise that yielded a lot of interesting lines.

The challenge is to write a 4 word story – something that conjures up a visual image, a story, a beginning, a middle, and maybe an end. Here are the results. If any of these make you laugh or think, then do a shoulder dance and go eat some chocolate. Write your own in the comments, should you get inspired.

  • Covered in Sharpie. Everywhere.
  • Fuck you. You’re grounded.
  • She’s still sinking, Sir.
  • They also took your dog.
  • Your ACL is destroyed.
  • The plumber didn’t answer.
  • My God loves you.
  • I’ve got till noon.
  • Let me touch it.
  • It’s fucked. You’re fucked.
  • Not Guilty. Jesus Christ.
  • Your dad looks high.
  • The rabbi molested me.
  • She just stopped breathing.
  • We’re moving back in.
  • Killed by Disco.
  • I’m pregnant. You’re thirteen.
  • Did you swallow it?
  • Don’t invite the Canadians.
  • The drugs started working.
  • I’m keeping the penthouse.
  • She removed everything. Everything.

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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

7 thoughts on “Stories in 4 Words”

  1. I could’ve written: “They also took dog” which wouldn’t have been grammatically correct, but is a bit more ethnic sounding.

    Did you bring yours?
    I’m wearing one already.
    When’d you get AIDS?
    The kitchen’s on fire.
    I like jewish robots.

  2. Found this magazine where writers wrote their life story in 6 words. Wicked and I’ve been trying it. Will post more as they materialize.

    How’s your work going? Get pinked? That sounds dirty. Apologies.

  3. The stench was surprising.
    You’ll need it tighter.
    It’s just the FEROCIOUS.
    When it’s colorful, no.
    Styling was done blinded.
    Just allow things lightly.
    She was peanutty, OK?!

  4. Pretty sure that’s semen.

    Did the shooting stop?

    Everything seemed kosher, until…

    It tastes like mouthwash.

    Been here since ’67.

    Never. Call Me. Again.

    I’d so fuck grandma.

    You’re one sick fuck.

  5. Never make them touch!

    Shill that shit, mom.

    I’ve interpreted the mustard!

    Lovely weather we’re missing.

    ….if it’s from bacon.

    Snaggletooth gives me stinkeye.

    That’s thinly veiled headscratching.

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