my friend just had a Kid!

Traveling takes its toll on friendships…Maybe not yours, but definitely mine. LB asked me today if my friends are from college or high school and blah I have friends linked to different time periods in my life, friends who were once close to my heart and still are, but are somehow disconnected from each other.

My earliest friends still remain in their respective places. There were four of us. One’s in South Australamerica or somewhere, working the hostel scene. Another is in Palo Alto, married, looking to move to Israel (???) and electrical engineering. I’m in SF at the moment learning how to write commercials and ads you’ll hopefully not hate. The 4th is in LA.

And his wife just gave birth to their first daughter.

She looks like him and has fat rolls on her arm. 8 pounds. The weight is important, a sign of health and good fortune. Fersht slept 3 hours over the past two days – his wife Aviva even less.My brother calls me with the news.

He sounds sedated, exhausted.

“everyone’s been calling me, sending me texts. Shit. Why can’t you just wait till we come on Monday and then you can see her. It’s all crazy and shit”  He’s protective, already. My friend. The Aba. I love it.

I have questions. A million questions.

“So? What was it like?” I ask. “What’d you feel?”

He’s too tired for words. I’m embarassed, giddy. I tell him it’s as if we had a child. Me and him, we just gave birth to something. During this conversation.

“That’d be one hairy ass kid,” he says back.

I miss home. I miss LA and Shabbat and Friday nights singing songs and playing tennis with my dad, music with my brothers, and getting sushi and coffee with my mom, talking walks around the block. I hype it up, though I know I will miss my apt in San francisco when I’m home for break. But who cares. These days, I am lonely, seeking love and something bigger to hold onto – my life is school school school work work work and I’m missing the city, missing people, missing you, missing me, just missing.

Miracles do happen. Pain and lonliness is temporary, as is all suffering. I’m happy. I’m happy that this girl’s entry into this world did the trick.  So keep smiling.


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

One thought on “my friend just had a Kid!”

  1. It feels like babies are everywhere these days (babies everywhere! 500 of ’em), which goes to show that the summer must be a significantly sexier time of the year (or that the fall is a good time to forget how to use a condom? Not sure.)

    Denise had a baby, Ruha’s had a kid, your friend has a kid (a big mazel to him), kids are having kids (in a jerry springer, imma buy lots of accessories for my kid sort of way)….it’s amazing, isn’t it? I’m certain there must be this click that happens when you give birth that changes your life in this unbelieveably heart stopping way. The only thing that ever come close lately is the feeling I get as I “give birth” to an idea baby. Like when you hit a great idea for an ad. Or for a painting. Or a story… feels incredible, kind of like after a really good shit (which my mother tells me is what it feels like to have a baby) Of course, lately that all seems few and far between.

    Good batch of thinking, ay.

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