china. obama. a test. i’m more than slightly drunnk.

The Chinese seem to be testing Obama. this is like Risk, only in real life. Here were go. Get your dices reeady.

The background, fully expalinedin the article: the us, not obama, the hus sent ships towards china. they complained it got harrased. okay sobver enough to write htis p[ost. it’s monday? wh i have class totomorrow. what am I droing wasterfd? gthere/. there’s the D i need. phew. okay.eyes bruningg./

this is great too:

A Republican lawmaker called the standoff a critical “early test” for President Barack Obama just weeks before he meets Chinese President Hu Jintao in April.

The Chinese ships surrounded the USNS Impeccable, and after two ships came within 15 meters, waved Chinese flags and told the Americans to leave the area, the Defence Department said in a statement.

The tension on the high seas took an odd turn at one point when the Americans sprayed water at the Chinese boats and the crew responded by stripping to their underwear.

now the chinese say the us was in violation and will not accept the US aggression? what will obama. do. sory a bout the qestion mark. totally uncessary. let’s watch the us – china party play out. here i used alliteration. do youlike it? my poems are grand that smell like cheesesake. ha. haha. sake and cheese cake. thats like dan korn on a weekend. he’ s a good guy. this is so embarraseing. im about to hit publish. hooray for the internet. you are such n editor. do you realize we are all vegetables?


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