Surveillance #1

Oh the Glory of it All

You know that rich family whose kids all turned out fucked up? This is that story, told by Sean Wilsey, a San Francisco native.  A socialite mother who saw God and coaxed him into leading song sessions to foreign heads of state during the Cold War. A neglectful father who flew helicopters, divorces Mom and marries her best friend. He says things like: Wash your hands before you go to the bathroom. Your penis isn’t dirty but your hands are.

Then there’s Dede – evil stepmom who wears millions in ice and ruins Sean’s life. Wilsey is the geek inside all of us, with his problems only magnified under the writer’s lens. He gets kicked out of high schools, steals scooters, rides up Lombard and wastes money on sunglasses just to impress kids in the neighborhood. It’s a deep and juicy, even more so than the porn in your next browser tab. Get into this. Thanks Luke!

Waltz with Bashir

Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 trying to root out Yassir Arafat and the elusive fat kid from the Goonies. They didn’t capture either but they did break a lot of hearts in the process. Filmmaker Ari Folman was a one-man show for this animated documentary. We watch him re-piece together his own experiences in the war, with the Sabra and Shatila massacre forming the nexus of the story. The art direction? You’ll go gaga – so realistic you’ll forget you’re watching a cartoon. But you are. Other cool shit worth mentioning:

A) Waltz with Bashir is in Hebrew, so the Heebs should feel privileged to catch a few words here and there. Think back to what the soldiers on the Birthright bus taught you when you were drunk. It’ll come.
B) Actual footage of the massacre and the war is scant, which makes this story even more compelling. Bashir is a cross country mind trip down an Israeli militarized memory lane, all done in anime.
C) The soundtrack is mostly classical; dark, bittersweet, and fitting especially during the war scenes.

Rethink Communication

An ad shop based in Vancouver. Most of what’s transmitted in my ad circle of is soon forgotten, but there are a few weekly gems that come down the pipeline. Noah introduced me to do this, and fuck, these guys get comedy to a funny science. Check out their science museum stuff, and their BC Lions spots. Useful information delivered to your eyes.

Also! Stepbrothers with Will Farrell and John C. Riley. Thank you Judd Apatow for doing what you do.


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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

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