Tropichronic Packaging FAIL


I stare into refrigerators pretty frequently. I’ll swing that door, I haven’t gone shopping in two weeks, and yet I’ll open and stare at its cold insides over and over. I found this carton of OJ at my parent’s house. Tropicana wants to rescue the rainforest, 100 sq. feet at a time. Bravo. All they ask is that you log on to their site, and enter in the code. The code? It’s printed on there. Where? Who the fuck knows.

Find it?

It took me a few seconds. Maybe you’re quicker than I am. But I assume you got slightly annoyed. I did. I got annoyed that that code was hard to find, and my ecological code finding experience you created for me was ruined, Tropicana. I could go back to the carton of mystery, grab the code, save some wild toucans from going extinct…but seriously Tropicana? How difficult is it to add an arrow? I’m an idiot after OJ, and I’ve got milliseconds to be distracted from my beverage. You got in my way with some altruistic copy, but design wise, totally blew it. Make it easy for me. How none of the art directors suggested an arrow, or how a suggested arrow got shot down, is beyond me. Packaging fail.

I wonder how this went down when creatives got their first look after printing the prototype. And let’s hope there was a prototype.

Open on two guys , both wearing hoodies. It’s late, 2:35 a.m. One of them is eating Pringles, the other a Snickers.

“What the–? Did you see this packaging? It makes no fucking sense now with the numbers up there. Shit. How are people gonna see it?!”

They’ll get it. People aren’t stupid. Respect your audience.

People aren’t stupid? Can YOU find the code?

What code? There’s no code.

We are so fucked.

Picture 2But the grovestand gurus are no stranger to design debacles. Look at their new cartons. Arnell did some repackaging work months ago.

People hated it so much Tropichronic scrapped the residesign and went back to the old one.  Good move orange men.

And then, another flub. This doesn’t make me want to drink your orange juice any less. It’s better than beer, and I really like beer. But don’t expect me to fall into your marketing ploys any longer.

P.S. Been loitering by the fridge. Found some cabbage, cheese, and burrito size tortillas. Dinner!


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