the passion of the roast

Still in Atlanta. It rains sixty percent of the time here. But I don’t mind. Cold weather helps me think. Maybe because it keeps me indoors longer. I want hot chocolate – but I know it will tear apart my stomach. Do you really need to charge extra for soy, you fuckers?

My cousin Lia got engaged. Kudos! What do you guys think about getting married early? She’s 26. Is that still considered early? Or age appropriate? People say, “When you’re ready, you’re ready.” Some people are ready at age 15, so I don’t buy that. There must be some range normal people can agree on.

I started this new thing with my girl Jessica. (I have a girlfriend? What what?) If you have le foto, of you or your trendy friends, please send email us, with the link or just my own. Get on that sister.

I’m twittering again. I checked out Google Wave. I’m a nerd. And I think Wave is for Winners. I’ll probably eat my words in six months.

My brother runs an advice blog at If you’ve got issues, he’s the man.

Read THE WAR OF ART. It’s fucking awesome. It kicked my ass into gear and made me conscious of all the distractions in my life. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they don’t. Lately I’ve been winning. His premise is that artists and warriors are the same. Every day, the battle to move ahead is renewed. Obstacles to do our work, and pursue our creative ideas, are there ALL THE TIME. We win by sitting down. We tell Resistance to go fuck itself simply by putting pen to paper.

Healers! Hoping you’re flying in happy skies today, and always.

K. Back to it folks.





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I'm fascinated with people, their stories, where they're coming from and where they're headed. Met many, and now it's time to write my own. follow the footprint.

4 thoughts on “the passion of the roast”

  1. Aloha Aaron! I’ve been checking out hipsterorhomeless recently and just now did I find out it’s your baby! Hilarious, brilliant, awesome! Hope all is well…

  2. Marriage is an interesting question. In normal conditions (i.e. the groom isn’t scheduled to be deported, for example), I believe people should get married if they plan on having children. Having children soon, that is. If you’re ready for a family, then (in my opinion) you owe it to your future children to try and establish an emotionally and economically committed home.

    It’s a personal thing, either way. I don’t think age matters.

    The ‘problem’ with those who get married ‘early’ is that they force the rest of us singles (especially us females) to look in the mirror and ask “should I be doing that now, too?” Some have a clear enough sense of identity to be able to answer that question honestly. Others, well, not really.

    I thought ATL is a warm place. But if it makes you smarter, who cares?

  3. Aaron,
    It is nice to see that you are still working with Hillel. I live and work in Long Beach, so feel free to drop me a line, if you wish, when you are here in Feb. Your blog is great.
    All the Best,
    Mira Katz Smeltzer
    Your former UCSB Hillel Program Director

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