I once drove 17 hours straight through the upper lip of Texas. My friends and I were driving cross country from Bonaroo. I was high off of Function energy drinks and ambition.

Texas is like one never ending golf course. Flies and 30 foot crosses litter the flatlands. Lightning storms lit up the sky. For only half seconds at a time, at midnight you could see the sun.

I have asthma. I can grow tomatoes & basil well, but have less luck with green beans.

I was in a Fight Club for a while. There is no First or Second rule.

Sometimes I spell color, ‘colour‘ to feel a bit British.

If you’re craving some ads, my portfolio is at digitalyogurt.com.

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3 thoughts on “about”

  1. hey there! – I can’t remember what i was googling.. i think something about burning man, but came across your blog, and ended up reading your great posts.
    Thanks for saying hi!
    Ben Phen

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