god bless the continuation of mindless politics

politiko-advertising is like organic peanut butter and jelly on sprouted wheat. it’s that good. here’s an interesting article about McCain’s wandering scramble to negatively brand Obama, whose prowess and clean, young record lets nothing stick.

President Bush’s re-election campaign had already settled on an effective argument against Mr. Kerry by late spring of 2004 — branding him daily as a flip-flopper and inauthentic. That months have passed without the McCain campaign similarly defining Mr. Obama somehow has frustrated Republicans more than, say, Mr. Obama’s strong fund-raising or Democratic Party unity.

He really needs to get his shit together if he wants a fighting chance. Obama is pretty much unstoppable. He is THE movement candidate. My parents though… they’ll either sit this one out or vote Republican – they think Obama is a fll fledged Muslim who won’t give Israel the blank check it’s been cashing in for the last 8 years. Damn you Fox News.

Obama’s people, like David Axelrod are just masters. I heard they hired this 23 year old kid to help them work on web and social networking. You should check it out. It’s heavenly. How can you not vote for Barack when’s he’s got the angels on his side?