watch the coldness set in

The adventure has subsided, at least for a while. Paper planes dropped me in San Francisco, airport downtime used to draw up a mission statement with my goals for the quarter.

It’s helpful to write things down – one element though, is not talking about a project until its executed, so hold steady till there’s something tangible in my hand, or in my head.

Weirdness followed with the family: Andrew + Karen + Joe + Lindsay + Kirby + Levi for dancing and mad hatter weirdness. pasta. 6 hours of sleep.  air mattress. life conversations. scarves and fashion shows. dinner @ b star.

My head is heavy from ginger beer and energized from their beet salad, slowing down with some flying lotus and water drawing in the bathtub. I’m finally home. Home has changed.

The city is much colder now than before I left. I’ve lost that someone to keep warm with at night. It sucks. now there are things I miss, feelings I can’t describe to someone else or pay to replicate.

its 47 degrees and supposed to rain tomorrow. But I will still go outside, with a bittersweet loaf of bread that surrounds my heart. even though the score didn’t end up exactly in each other’s favor, we did it right. And we didn’t even have to bring out the pairing knives.

Israel’s air force wages war in Gaza. They say 400 civilians die. Tzipi Livni, badass in line for PM, says there is no humanitarian crisis. There is nothing to stop. And no ceasefire. My guess? Those troops won’t hold at the edge of the line for much longer. Boys are going in, and people are going to die.  The Middle East embroiled in conflict – what else did we expect?

the water is running. bath salt sounds so perfect right about now.


causecast launch. beef jerky. be.

My buddy Levi and the offices at Causecast must be all smiles today. It’s day of causecast, a cause based social networking site, that brings in content and matches brands and celebrities to causes. He’s been at it for months, helping build this baby, and kudos to you mr. felix. KUDOS. from me and all your mates on the chillaroo bus. I like he layout and color scheme of the site.  lots of red and blues, and I feel like I’m a space age rockstar whenever I visit.  I like the focus on content and video, and because there’s A LOT of it already up (smart)  navigation is kinda blurry. I feel like they’re missing descriptions and a better system of organizing all that data.  Check it out and support him. I’ll give you a really, really good hug next time I see you. Not like the last one, I know it was crap, I was kinda sick, didn’t want to get close. Support the cause. Watch the Slave hunter film. Its nuts. This dude named Aaron Cohen (Jewish?) finds slaves, brings in the army, and frees people. Holy crap.

I wonder if the average user can start their own causes?  My first venture would bring to light the shortage of Beef Jerky  (original and spicy — don’t give a shit what brand it is, but independently owned would seem to fit the bill) and get people to donate beef jerky. to me. and to poor children in Ethiopia and Uganda. Because honestly, if you were offered beef jerky, in various flavors, how could you refuse?

It’s nice to see pals succeed, is it not? Lately I’ve been feeling that wind. projects and launches and things getting off the ground. feels good. have a happy sabbath. get some deep sleep. i myself plan on unplugging all clocks in my room. and i desperately need to buy mastadon curtains to protect us from the sunlight.