Hope Never Died

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Is it cold in Washington? I’ve been there just once. It was cold then in November, so I imagine its even colder now. Google says 31 degrees. That’ll be the high tomorrow when Obama delivers his inauguration speech. I’ll be in a Concepts class, pitching BOSE headphones and negotiating with the teacher to watch the discourse live.

But we all know what he’s going to say. We could skip it and still get the message. But we won’t, because we love what Obama has to say about us.

He preaches change, but CHANGE is just a word. It lacks substance when presented on its own. The word becomes an ephemeral slogan for T-shirts and branded on hats our politically active grandparents will unabashedly wear out in public.

But it worked. And when we think about it, it’s pretty fucking amazing for one guy in the entire world to do that to us. To win us over. Obama is a Master of the soft sell, and we all bought into it.  Well, more than half of us did. It’s his nature.

Obama wasn’t selling Obama, he was selling us to ourselves.  His campaign was corely based on realizing our potential, harnessing our strengths and join him. Believe that we can transcend the now and start anew. Knock down those mental barriers that stand like poison in front of us. Because we’ve got dreams. Ideas. Goals. Long to-do-lists. For the day, the week, this year and the next.  And we will pursue them, with full force and confidence.

Liberation. From old to new. From stagnation to self-mobilization. From danger to courage. From deceit to honor. Away from the past and towards a changed future. From fear to hope. His job was to hit every individual with that message, and encourage each of us to believe that we’re destined for something greater. That in the end, it’s up to US to shatter that wall of insecurity and meekness, to take back what’s ours: our ability to choose and decide how we respond, to believe that things can and will be different.

Hope never died, it just needed to be repackaged.

So the question I’m concerning myself with now, as it happens, is exactly that. What do I stand for? What do I want to fight for? What do I consider SUPREMELY important, and what do I want to share with others? Okay. That’s more than one question. Fuck.

We’re all good at most things. We’re all GREAT at one thing. Some are blessed with more, but think to those creative, inspired people around you: focused on a message, a mission, a quest to dream something, build it, then watch it crumble. Then move forward and do it all over again.

So now, while we’re still gripped by optimism, righteousness, and certain level of recklessness, let’s get started. No limits at this table. You set your own ceiling. The real question that’s on my mind is:

What do you want to accomplish with your life?


god bless the continuation of mindless politics

politiko-advertising is like organic peanut butter and jelly on sprouted wheat. it’s that good. here’s an interesting article about McCain’s wandering scramble to negatively brand Obama, whose prowess and clean, young record lets nothing stick.

President Bush’s re-election campaign had already settled on an effective argument against Mr. Kerry by late spring of 2004 — branding him daily as a flip-flopper and inauthentic. That months have passed without the McCain campaign similarly defining Mr. Obama somehow has frustrated Republicans more than, say, Mr. Obama’s strong fund-raising or Democratic Party unity.

He really needs to get his shit together if he wants a fighting chance. Obama is pretty much unstoppable. He is THE movement candidate. My parents though… they’ll either sit this one out or vote Republican – they think Obama is a fll fledged Muslim who won’t give Israel the blank check it’s been cashing in for the last 8 years. Damn you Fox News.

Obama’s people, like David Axelrod are just masters. I heard they hired this 23 year old kid to help them work on web and social networking. You should check it out. It’s heavenly. How can you not vote for Barack when’s he’s got the angels on his side?