Bring out the green guns for the green skies

I see pockets full of passion and greenwashing lies

What do they know, their hands never touch leaves

Confuse one with the other, they’re after the other kind of green

I’m a man who belongs in the company of trees

Idealism the way of life was so easy to see

See I believed it was possible, to change the world

Change hearts, win minds, save Earth, and save lives

I’ll buy slaves out of freedom

Solar panels on the White House

Wake the people up in cities

make the issues more pronounced

bring up the lesson and use my hands

Show the people the truth, that’s how I’ll own the brand

24 years.

24 years of self-made discovery, self professed anxiety.

But you see the man sitting before you now is not the man I used to be.

And I’m afraid to say statistically, he wouldn’t have even considered heading to Miami.

He’s looking at you in Chaco’s thinking, “Oh, shit. Looka looka looka. That’s the enemy.”

Selling to the masses, dividing the classes

Pushin’ what the people don’t need

Right up their unsuspecting asses.

But life is not life, without a certain struggle

I think Hunter S. Thompson said that, from a mushroom peyote



to the decompression session

My bizarre mind overturned, so you can learn the lesson.

I’m a man of experience

Looking to move from change taker to maker

And In a past life I was hardcore Quaker

Appreciator of intricate simplicity

But above all else, just a communicator

A facilitator of the message

My words connecting, bisecting Earth and all of its inhabitants

With the power of the pen

I will shake foundations, bring illumination and make you wonder

Are we looking at reality – or one of Aaron’s fabrications?

I drink with magic and rinse with mystery

Collect useless trivia and slightly obsessed with Arab-Israel history.

I’m a member of the tribe, isn’t it apparent? But dislodge the stereotypes because there’s always enough to share it.

So where were we at Miami, in this closing diatribe?

My heads all scattered, but I bet that comes as no surprise.

It took a while, for it all to click

4 months in the desert will make the sticky things stick.

Now I realize now that I’m ready to go

Learn the tricks of the trade and get something to show

This – is not exploitation.

This – is the business of art and of persuasion.

Ideas. Fusion. Design. Creative. Blood. Sweat. Love.

Up all night thinking about Toothpaste and Sharpie’s pens

It’s ME.

I’m ready for the mind to be flipped and filled

And all the shitty ideas I bring be mercilessly killed.

I’m no hero with an ego but looking to you for the lesson

And don’t click out just yet if you got an extra second.

When they asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I never said advertising.

But this feels right, and not just at the time of writing.


3 thoughts on “Words”

  1. OMG Sara,
    I want you to marry this guy. Just watch the first 30 seconds. And he’s valley, too. Nu?

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