casual encounters

“I think you are so pretty.” I tell her
spanish face, thin black dress
From far she was Penelope Cruz
Up close she was even better.
And then, a barely audible sound


she manages     to respond
knocked      off        balance
there      for                  a    second.
She regains her   footing
And I flee.

To watch from a distance
As a suit arrived, mid 40s,
young, with an older face.
Eyes of a smoker
He turns, we lock pupils
knowing what each other man wants.
I lose interest
But You–
You should come with me,
we’ll see Toy Story 3 together
do yoga, eat sandwiches
watch the runners by the ocean
rate their outfits
I’ll buy champagne
(the expensive kind)
you bring the strawberries
there will be laughter, sex, and cigarettes
another soon to be forgotten moment
that happens all the time
in Santa Monica.