syria has nukes?

this is pretty interesting and current.

remember that Israeli air strike against northern syria  a few weeks ago? according to an arutz sheva article, israeli officials overheard syrian officials call israel an aggressor, mentioning the country’s attack on a “nuclear facility.” is this substantial confirmation that what really happened there was osirak II? what’s even more compelling is that israel says they bombed the weapons cache when learning that nuclear material was smuggled in from north korea, our weird friend in the asian states.  if true, this would be in direct violation of bush’s non proliferation doctrine he launched years back, when he said that he’ll hold the country responsible for spreading material.

so. spreading nukes bad. syria gets nukes. they admit it. but from who? israel claims it was n. korea. if they were right about the content of the weapons, it doesn’t seem that israel’s theory on the materials’ origins holds no water.  so what did the us president do? today at a white house press conference about the impotence of the dem. controlled congress, he evaded both questions designed to elicit any sort of response.  i’m not advocating any pressures to be made (well, that’s not completely true) but what’s happening right now is completely hypocritical, and if bush wasn’t such a pussy, he’d deal more effectively with the current situation. politically, he sets himself up and shows no follow through on any threats. who the hell listens to that?


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